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Formula E 2016-17

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#31 /13/Ален Шмит/

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Posted 19 February 2017 - 21:29

Mnogi svetski portali govore o Robertu Merhiju kao zamenu umesto Lopeza, Birda, Pikea, Prosta, Kerola ili Buemija uoči ePri Meksika i Njujorka jer navedeni vozači imaju obaveze u Svetskom Šampionatu Izdržljivosti. Naime i sam Roberto se takmičio prošle godine u spomenutom šampionatu ali nedostatak novca ga je primorao da propusti par rundi. Za ovu godinu nema konkretne planove ali naznačio je više puta da mu se dopada Formula E i da bi vole da ju oproba. Napomenuću da će možda Maro Engel morati propustiti ePri Monaka zbog DTM obaveza prema trci u Lauzicringu. 


Pored Merhia i Masa koji je testirao Jaguarov bolid mogao bi uskočiti kao zamena za Kerola koji će obavljati WEC testiranja u Monci no koči činjenica da je Jaguar jedini tim s test vozačima- Ho Pin Tung i Aleks Lin. Naravno i Gutijerez je u opciji za druga mesta te Pastor Maldonado (!) i Žak Vilnev koji želi još jednu priliku.


Da ne dužim, evo liste podudaranja šampionata i na koje vozače to utiče



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Posted 20 February 2017 - 01:10

Preloma vest: Adam Kerol neće se obavezati prema WEC-u i prebaciće fokus na Formulu E. 


Već sam odlučio, neću voziti u WEC-u ove godine. Fokusiraću se na Formulu E. Moj pristup i koncetracija je potpuno usmerena na pravljenje što boljeg posla u Jaguaru. Želim biti ovde tokom ovog perioda sa mogućnošću da ostanem ovde još koju godinu. Ja zaista verujem da ja i moj tim pravimo nešto dobro i s tim uverenjem sam potpuno posvećen programu.


Ovo je možda žalosna vest za test vozače Tunga i Lina ali stabilni grid je nešto što je preko potrebno Formuli E i Kerolov fokus je odlična stvar za sport. Tako da je smanjen broj vozača koji imaju obaveze u WECu gde zbog toga propuštaju eventualno dva ePrija.

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Posted 20 February 2017 - 16:34

Formula E season one champion Nelson Piquet Jr. voiced his frustration at inconsistent penalties in the series after Lucas di Grassi kept his Buenos Aires podium despite an unsafe release violation.

During the mid-race car swaps di Grassi’s Abt Audi Sport team released him just ahead of Piquet, who had been right behind his fellow Brazilian when they entered the pits.

The stewards investigated the incident after the race and reported that Piquet had been forced to brake because of di Grassi’s release. Di Grassi was subsequently given a formal reprimand and a €1500 fine.

In the past, unsafe releases have been punished by drive-throughs or time penalties, but stewards reserve the right to interpret each incident differently.

Piquet thinks it is unfair for there to be different punishments for the same offence.

“They don’t have any consistency with what they are doing,” he told Motorsport.com.

“They say every case is its own, but that’s not the case – whatever the situation, unsafe release is an unsafe release.

“It is really frustrating – I wish it was more black and white instead of 90% grey, a little black, a little white. I don’t know how they can resolve this but they should, they have enough people, enough cameras and GPS in all the cars.”

By keeping the 15 points he scored for third place, plus three for qualifying on pole, di Grassi remains second in the drivers’ championship, 29 points behind Buenos Aires race winner Sebastien Buemi.

Yellow flag confusion

Piquet, who went on to finish the Buenos Aires race in fifth, had been investigated during qualifying for setting his best time in the group phase while a yellow flag was temporarily on track.

He escaped punishment, but said the incident itself went against what the drivers had been told before the event.

“They told us in qualifying there would green or red flags – no yellow,” Piquet said. "I saw the yellow, I backed off and got round the corner and saw there was nothing.

“It compromised my qualifying lap and I still got called into the stewards for not backing off enough for a yellow flag that wasn’t supposed to be there.

“It’s unbelievable these things we hear and have to go through.”

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Posted 01 March 2017 - 04:15

After a long winter break, Formula E was back with a bang in Buenos Aires, but despite three months away. The sport hasn’t been hibernating regarding finding future venues.

There have been a lot of rumours circulating over the past three months about where Formula E may land in season four or five. So we have taken a look at how likely those speculations are.

Berlin’s Long Term Home
Before we get into the speculated events, the 2017 Berlin ePrix will be moving back to Tempelhof airport, which staged the inaugural German round of the championship.

The change occurred after the city’s Senate voted against giving Formula E the go-ahead for the planned venue on Karl-Marx-Allee, which held last year’s event.

Luckily, the sport was able to return to the Tempelhof airport in 2017. Now that the refugee situation is improving in Tempelhof – we were told that there are only 700 refugees remained in the hangars of the airport and that they will not affect the event. The exact layout is still being kept secret; we hear rumours from Germany about a five-year contract being with Tempelhof!

The exact layout is still being kept secret; we also hear rumours from Germany about a five-year contract being signed with Tempelhof!

Chance of a race: 10/10

Hamburg Still Possible
In the light of the Berlin ePrix being in serious jeopardy earlier this year, Hamburg’s CDU faction has raised interest in hosting a Formula E race to act as a replacement for Berlin.

The idea was put down surprisingly quickly, though: The traffic obstructions and the noise pollution are not something the governing Green party was in favour of.

However, Formula E insists that there is a possibility that the sport could race there in the future.

Chance of a race: 1/10

Could Rome be on the table
After a last-minute kick from the 2014/15 calendar, Italy’s capital Rome has yet again expressed interest in hosting a Formula E race. The plan: Setting up an ePrix in the district of Europa (EUR) and hosting the first Rome ePrix in April 2018. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Well, residents don’t quite think so. They reacted with protests, demonstrations and a petition concerning the planned race, making the organisation of the ePrix an awful lot more difficult.

EUR is one of Rome’s problem areas with poor social structures and prostitution problems. “Showing the glamour of Formula E in this district would be hypocritical”, an opponent of the race told ‘La Repubblica’.

In spite of all the protests, Virginia Raggi, mayor of Rome, still wants to push the race through. Just this month, she met with members of her city council and Formula E CEO Alejandro Agag. The newspaper later released a layout draft, including 19 turns, plenty of 90-degree corners and a hairpin.

Chance of a race: 4/10

What’s up, Brussels?
The Belgian city looks set to be removed from the calendar before Formula E set off on their European leg of the season. After having to change the location in November, local authorities now agreed that a Brussels ePrix in 2017 is highly unlikely.

In brief, it might only have been an issue of organisation. “We are in favour of organising the race in the Brussels region”, the city’s Transport Minister Pascal Smet tweeted after a meeting with the mayor. “However, we will not be able to race in Koekelberg this year, as the short-term organisation would be too complicated.”

For the time being, it seems highly unlikely that the electric racing series is going to go to Brussels this year. However, a race in the Belgian capital is still on the cards for the fourth season of Formula E.

Chance of a race in 2017: 1/10 Chance of a race in 2018: 7/10

Into the Alps
After over a year of rumours, a race in the home country of Formula E’s reigning champion Sebastien Buemi might come together at last. According to ‘e-Formel.de’, plans for an ePrix in Zurich have become very precise in the last couple months.

The German news portal also shared a layout of the circuit, locating the circuit in front of the city’s harbour. “I think we are in a good position”, Roger Tognella, the promoter of the Zurich ePrix, told. “We have already convinced many politicians and stakeholders, but there still are some minor issues which have to be cleared.”

Therefore, the chance of a Zurich ePrix in early 2018 is “pretty good”. Let’s hope for the best!

Chance of a race: 7.5/10

Jumping over the pond
Miami, Long Beach, Las Vegas, New York. Formula E undoubtedly has a key market in the USA. In the last few weeks, a few new names have joined the list. Rumour has it that up to five other cities are interested in hosting a race in the future.

While Alejandro Agag shared a picture of him visiting Chicago on LinkedIn, international media reported on plans concerning races in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Austin.

We have no information on which city might have the best chances, but Formula E has always wanted two races in the US, so it’s almost sure that we will see another race happening in the States.

Chance of a race: 7.5/10

How about Chile?
The list of interested cites does not end. Just last week, our friends from ‘e-racing.net’ shared the news of an interest group from Chile.

A delegation from the South American country seems to have begun discussions with Formula E CEO Alejandro Agag at last weekend’s Buenos Aires ePrix.

The group, led by Chile’s ex-F1 driver Eliseo Salazar, envision a race in the capital Santiago. Both Chile’s Minister of Energy Andres Rebolledo Smittens and Minister of Sports Pablo Squella are understood to be in favour of the race.

However, they need to find investment, which is estimated to be at around 10 million dollars, which would have to come from private sponsorship.

Chance of a race: 4/10

The list of possible contenders for next year’s calendar could go on and on. It will certainly be interesting to see which cities will feature in the first draft of next season’s schedule. The first draft is expected to be released after the FIA WMSC’s meeting on 24 March, but the final version will be shown in June.


Informacije o budućim ePrijovima. Brisel ispao iz ovosezonskog kalendara, spominje se održavanje duple trke u ažuriranom Teplehofu radi popunjavanja praznine. FE mora pod hitno poraditi na formatu kalendara. Mada se ne bunim, setimo se kako je F1 počela ali tamo smo makar imali gomilu nešampionskih trka..

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Posted 04 March 2017 - 21:16

Priča oko ePri Nju Delhija se ponovno pokrenula skoro godinu dana nakon ozbiljnih namera oko održavanja trke. Šef tima Mahindre Gil je prošle godine lansirao takmičenje za fanove oko dizajniranja staze u sklopu prezentacije budućeg ePrija ali nakon toga je sve zamrlo do danas. *Moj dizajn staze se našao u službenom Formula E videu o ovoj temi..

Mahindra Racing Team Principal Dilbagh Gill is confident that a race in New Delhi could become a reality in season four

The Indian team have been working with local authorities to find a suitable location to bring Formula E to India’s capital.

Pollution Problems

Over the last couple of months, the air around New Delhi has been described and “unhealthy” and “hazardous.” Due to the large amounts of smog that covered the city. The Indian capital became the most polluted city in the world by the end of 2016.

Mahindra Racing’s Team Principal Dilbagh Gill is sure that Mahindra will pioneer new technology in India and across the globe. As they try and reduce the amount of pollution in New Delhi and other cities across the world.

“Mahindra are the only pure electric car manufacturer in India,” said Gill. “We take our role as a pioneer and leader in this very seriously. We also look at electric bicycles and electric scooters, and essentially we are committing in a big way to electric mobility as a whole.

“That’s something which we believe strongly in. From Formula E to bicycles, you will be seeing a lot more about how Mahindra is going to be contributing. Also, not only India but all the international markets we are servicing at this point.”

Race in New Delhi

A key way in showing the Indian people that electric technology is out there and ready to be used is by hosting an ePrix. Gill is confident that a race in New Dehli will take place soon, but work still needs to be done to make it a reality.

“Mahindra and all the other competitors in this championship are very keen to come to India. We have made some amount of progress talking to the government in India to have a race.

“Unfortunately, it’s a slightly slow process, but we are going to get there. Season four has a great possibility of having a race in Delhi, and we should be able to talk more about this in the next couple of months,” stated Gill.


* evo gde:



Na thumbailu kod palca ruke FE sportskog direktora Benoit Duponta.

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#36 Rad-oh-yeah?

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Posted 04 March 2017 - 22:36

Super im ovi predlozi dizajnirani po ugledu na znak za opasnost od radijacije! :twak:

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#37 /13/Ален Шмит/

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Posted 04 March 2017 - 23:34

Yebatori, umirao sam od smeha dok sam gledao listu staza na FBu. Čuš, 'oće proturiti stazu kroz stadion. Koja budala će toliko investirati u takvo nešto. Može ali ako već imaš postojeću infastrukturu kao kod Autodroma Hermanos Rodrigez. Viđao sam dizajne koji imaju predugačke pravce (propisana maksimalna dužina iznosi 600m ) pa čak i one koje su duže od propisane dužine kruga od 3.5 km. Reko, šta ću ja ovde među amaterima i onda jedno veče odlučim pokazati sve moje veštine. Na koncu dizajn mi je završio u službenom FE videu. Ko malo dete sam bio sretan.




Staza je dugačka 2.32 km i vozi se u smeru kazaljke sata. Hteo sam postaviti pitlejn uz startno/ciljni pravac ali ostavio sam prostora za glavna gledališta. Pitlejn je smešten na vrlo širokom putu dok eSelo bi se moglo smestiti na onoj velikoj travnatoj površini iza garaža. EJ ima mesta za stejdž i naravno veliku publiku.

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Posted 06 March 2017 - 01:32

Felipe Masa otkrio: nisam imao važeći ugovor. Posle "odlaska u penziju" Felipe Masa je imao privatni test Formula E bolida aktuelne specifikacije za treću sezonu sa Jaguar timom što je rasplamsalo FE svet pa su se pojačavale patke koje su nastale nakon Masinog pojavljivanja na ePri Londona prošle godine. I sam Felipe je otkrio da želi ući u ovaj šampionat.


"Zasigurno mi je Formula E u sklopu planova u budoćnosti. Pročitao sam razne patke vezane za ugovore i potpisivanje istih ali nisam ništa više imao osim par razgovora s ekipama."

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Posted 09 March 2017 - 17:09

Fresh from Formula 1, Esteban Gutierrez will replace Ma Qinghua at Techeetah for the remainder of the current Formula E season, according to a report from motorsport.com’s Sam Smith.

Gutierrez announced in January that he would be entering Formula E after losing his F1 seat with Haas at the end of last year. The Mexican has also recently worked as Scuderia Ferrari’s reserve driver.

After exploring a number of options, Gutierrez has reportedly settled on joining Techeetah from April’s Mexico ePrix onwards, with the out-of-form Ma set to drop into a reserve role. Ma made his Formula E debut in Paris last year but has not scored any points in seven attempts.

Gutierrez will race in the all-electric championship for the first time at his home race in Mexico City on April 1, with Ma being stood down following a disappointing series of performances in the first three races of the season.

The Mexican driver is understood to have concluded his deal with Techeetah after visiting its simulator in Monaco, where the former Sauber and Haas F1 driver has a residence.

It remains to be seen if he will test the car before the Mexico event.

The team is expected to officially confirm Gutierrez as teammate to Jean-Eric Vergne shortly, while Ma is expected to be retained as an official reserve.

Gutierrez and his management team are understood to have settled on Techeetah after other possible opportunities, believed to be at Renault e.dams, Faraday Future Dragon Racing and DS Virgin Racing, were explored.


Uzbudljiva postava Tačite. Gutijerez i Vernj, Ma Ćin Hua postaje testni vozač tima.

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Posted 09 March 2017 - 19:22

Potvrđeno, Berlin postaje dupli ePri

Formula E has confirmed that the Berlin ePrix will be a double-header race weekend following the cancellation of the Brussels event.

The race in Brussels was set to take place on July 1, only for the regional government to vote against it being held in the city center, putting the event at risk of falling off the calendar. The race was officially canceled for 2017 on Thursday.

To ensure the calendar for season three stays at 12 races, Formula E has confirmed that the Berlin weekend will now feature two races: one on Saturday June 10, the second on Sunday June 11.

Berlin’s format will mirror the double-header weekends run in London through Formula E’s first two seasons, and means that the final three events will feature two races. Both New York (July 15-16) and Montreal (July 29-30) were already planned to be double-headers.

The Berlin event will return to its season one location of Tempelhof Airport after city officials voted against it returning to Karl-Marx-Allee, where it was staged last year.

The addition of a race on the Sunday places greater pressure on a number of drivers and personnel who will be traveling to Le Mans in France ahead of the 24-hour race the following weekend.

Most had planned to use the Sunday as a travel day before the start of Le Mans festivities on the Monday, but will now face a tighter schedule to make the trip from Berlin.

Updated 2016/2017 Formula E Calendar

1. Hong Kong – October 9
2. Marrakesh – November 12
3. Buenos Aires – February 18

4. Mexico City – April 1
5. Monaco – May 13
6. Paris – May 20
7. Berlin – June 10
8. Berlin – June 11
9. New York – July 15
10. New York – July 16
11. Montreal – July 29
12. Montreal – July 30

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Posted 10 March 2017 - 02:33

Izašli planovi za ePri Brazila. Ovaj put nisu puste mašte brazilskih novinara i "dizajnera" Lukasa di Grasija. Ovo je ozbiljno i planiraju proširiti trke u Južnoj Americi jer one naglo umiru. Alehandro Agag i organizatori ePri trke u Brazilu žele je u Sao Paulu i plan sadrži izmenu bivše Indi staze. Planovi organizatora su "bullshit" jer ne vidim takvu intrepentaciju po sadašnjim pravilima a koliko vidim većina stare Indi staze ima izmenjenu svrhu (na pit izlazu je kapija od neke firme i td.). Ceo zapadni deo je iskoristiv i u njega stane cela ePri staza po mojoj proceni. Lepa i solidna pista dužine 2.5 km se može "uglaviti" u nju.

FE hits race performance in São Paulo from 2018 on track at Sambódromo do Anhembi

The FE is coming to Brazil, the BIG AWARD can confirm. FE's executive director, Alejandro Agag, was in the country in mid-February to discuss the matter. He met with Lucas Di Grassi and SPTuris to tie the ends and close the deal for the first Sao Paulo eP. Mayor João Doria already gave OK for the race, which will have the Sambódromo do Anhembi and Olavo Fontoura Avenue as places of the track. But not the Marginal Tietê

Less than a month ago, FE handled the farewell to the only South American race in the category calendar. The stage of Buenos Aires left the scene, as it had already happened with the Uruguayan Punta del Este, prompting by the category of electric cars the search for a new city not to be outside of South America in the season 2017/18. The first shot was Santiago, where the parties are aligned, as reported by the GRAND PRIZE , and everything is headed for a resolution in the coming days. Now, however, the GP has learned that a stage in São Paulo is also set for 2018 to double up on the Chilean event.

São Paulo and FE were right after Formula One Holdings executive director Alejandro Agag flew through the city in February and met with Lucas Di Grassi and representatives of SPTuris - a mixed capital company that has the City Hall as a majority partner And manages equipment such as the Interlagos racetrack and the Anhembi complex. After the match, Mayor João Doria gave the green light for the test, which he considers important for the city from the point of view of promotion and tourism.

Although with a different layout than Indy used when it ran in São Paulo between 2010 and 2013, FE will also have the Sambódromo do Anhembi as the stage of its activities. However, the Marginal Tietê will not be used - as, as the FE recommends, it will not cause many headaches for the host city. The Olavo Fontoura avenue, which passes behind the Sambódromo, will be used as part of the track, which has already been designed and needs only a few adjustments to reach the final version. Before deciding on Anhembi, which is in the northern part of the city, FE even considered running in the University City, where the main USP campus is located in the west.


Moj prvi predlog staze, 2.51 km




Edit, evo ga i drugi predlog. Isto dužine 2.51 km.



Edited by /13/Ален Шмит/, 10 March 2017 - 03:04.

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Posted 15 March 2017 - 17:11

DS Performance has registered to become an official Formula E powertrain manufacturer in its own right from the 2018/19 season, Motorsport.com can reveal.

The French brand comes under the PSA Group of companies that includes Peugeot and Citroen, and entered Formula E as a partner and entrant with the Virgin Racing team in 2015.

Its submission to be a manufacturer in its own right for season five is expected to be confirmed by the FIA next month.

DS Performance director Xavier Mestelan Pinon told Motorsport.com: “For season five we have taken the decision to apply to be an official manufacturer in Formula E. We are waiting for the FIA to confirm this, but we expect it soon.

“We want to be a manufacturer for seasons five, six and seven. For us it will be a big difference, because at present we cannot take decisions alone because our partners Virgin Racing take the decisions at present.

"This is important for us because the brand is young and just started two years ago in a sporting way. Becoming a manufacturer also shows our belief in Formula E as a championship and that it will grow more and more.”

Currently, DS Performance is not a registered manufacturer with the FIA, as Virgin Racing holds the licence as a team and manufacturer until season five. Essentially, DS works as a supplier to Virgin Racing, but it is DS Performance that sits on the Formula E Technical Working Group.

Should it be accepted by the FIA, DS Performance will be allowed to supply other teams with its powertrain for the 2018-19 season onwards.

DS kicks off season four testing

DS Virgin Racing has already track-tested elements of its season four powertrain, joining rivals Renault e.dams and Jaguar Racing in running new season parts.

The Abt Schaeffler Audi Sport team is set to begin its testing imminently, while Mahindra will begin its running in Spain next Monday.

DS says it is awaiting the final parts of its powertrain design to test the whole unit, which it expects to do the week after the Mexico City ePrix on April 1.

“We have already made a test but for us the main target is the next race in Mexico,” added Mestelan Pinon. “Then after that we will run again, but honestly the main challenge is season five.

"We plan to spend more time on season five rather than season four at this point. It is possible for our capabilities to work on both season four and season five at the same time which will be very important.”

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Posted 20 March 2017 - 23:47

Agag: “My priority will be to bring Alonso into Formula E”


Jednog dana, jednog dana... Ako ikada moj san o Formula E testnom centru u Valensiji (permanentna staza u uličnom ruhu koja bi služila za testiranja ala f1 Barselona-Katalunja) postane java možda bi Alonso postao ambasador valensija ePrija ili nešto a usput je i vozač (ko u F1, on je ambasador VN Bakua). Instant magnet za publiku..

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#44 /13/Ален Шмит/

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Posted 21 March 2017 - 03:17

Alehandro Agag je nedavno kazao da bi želeo Baku u kalendaru i da je ona idealna za FE. Alonso je ambasador Baku staze, Agag bi mu tu mogao prići i dogovarati se oko FE i Alonsovim željama..


Usput dizajnirao sam stazu za ePri Bakua dužine 2.19 km i vozi se suprotno od smera F1 verzije:




Moja testiranja na F1c pokazuju najbolje vreme u trajanju od 1:21.384. Robokar nisam probao.

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Posted 21 March 2017 - 15:05

Nine manufacturers homologated for Season 5

The Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) has today released the names of the nine manufacturers that have been granted homologation from the 2018/19 season of the all-electric FIA Formula E Championship.

This round of homologations means that the powertrains fall into line with the new cycle of homologation for the chassis and battery, which will remain standard over the course of three seasons, starting from Season 5 - 2018/19 - 2020/21.

Therefore, any new manufacturer wishing to homologate its powertrain will be able to do so for Season 6 for a two-year period, or the following season for an annual duration.

The manufacturers are:

ABT Formel E
DS Automobiles
Jaguar Land Rover
Mahindra Racing
Penske Autosport
Venturi Automobiles

“The FIA Formula E Championship has been going for a little over three years now and already it has established itself as one of the most interesting and innovative racing series, not just because of the actual format of the events but also and above all, because of its technical development,” commented FIA President Jean Todt. “The homologation of the powertrains that will be used from Season 5 is a very significant step because it means the cars will be able to run for twice as long while, at the very least, maintaining the same performance level. This highlights how motorsport can stimulate and accelerate development of new technologies, which can then be applied to road cars and in this case it has even more of a key role, given that at the moment, electricity is one of the more practical alternatives when it comes to finding new forms of more sustainable mobility in the future.”

Alejandro Agag, Founder & CEO of Formula E, said: “The mission of the FIA Formula E Championship is to act as a platform to advance the development of electric vehicle technology and alternative energy solutions - this hinges on the participation of automotive and component manufacturers. When we launched the series in 2012, we had forecast to secure at least three manufacturers by Season 5. The news today has highlighted the number and quality of manufacturers joining the championship and tripling our initial expectations. This just goes to show the relevance of Formula E to the motor industry and as an attractive proposition to new audiences and commercial partners, such as the recent agreement with Allianz.”

The 2018/19 season will also see the debut of the new-look Formula E car, whose shape has been inspired and defined by the FIA with the aim of having a futuristic and appealing design. It will be produced by Spark Racing Technology, who won the chassis tender. From Season 5, there will also be a new standard battery produced by McLaren Applied Technologies. With the new battery, Formula E will no longer require two cars per driver and the potential of a mid-race car change.

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