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VN Kine 2018

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#181 Jurgen

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Posted 15 April 2018 - 18:27

Jako diskutabilna odluka Vajtinga, krhotine su bile već 2 kruga na stazi a donosi odluku da SC izađe tačno ispred vodećeg dvojica i daje šansu Ver, Ham, Rai i Ric da zamene gume.
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#182 alpiner

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Posted 15 April 2018 - 19:57

Sto je najgore, iz njegove izjave vidis da ga boli uvo i da ne vidi problem u svom potezu, jedino sto smatra problemomje los rezultat a mogao je bolje. Znaci decko je tempirana bomba jer se nece opametiti i nastavice ovako


Meni se čini da je baš podvio rep, tako mi je izgledao.


Izgledao mi je kao neko ko vidi da je ispao glup. Sebe je najviše zajebao izgubivši pobedu koja je stigla na tacni

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#183 alberto.ascari

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Posted 15 April 2018 - 20:02

Jako diskutabilna odluka Vajtinga, krhotine su bile već 2 kruga na stazi a donosi odluku da SC izađe tačno ispred vodećeg dvojica i daje šansu Ver, Ham, Rai i Ric da zamene gume.

Charlie je izjavio da su kontaktirali maršala na pisti da li može da se čisti bez SC, on je rekao da ne može.

Iako mi je ovom odlukom sjebao pulena, ima pravo da odluči kako je odlučio. Takav je bio timing. Sve ostalo je teorija zavere.
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#184 Jurgen

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Posted 15 April 2018 - 20:15

Charlie je izjavio da su kontaktirali maršala na pisti da li može da se čisti bez SC, on je rekao da ne može.

Iako mi je ovom odlukom sjebao pulena, ima pravo da odluči kako je odlučio. Takav je bio timing. Sve ostalo je teorija zavere.


Nesporno je da je SC morao da izađe na stazu, ali mogao je da sačeka bukvalno 10ak sekundi i obezbedi svima iste uslove. 

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#185 Rad-oh-yeah?

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Posted 16 April 2018 - 00:10

Ricciardo wins after six-way fight in China
Sunday, 15 April 2018
Chris Medland / Images by Hone, Dunbar, Etherington/LAT


Daniel Ricciardo took a stunning victory in the Chinese Grand Prix as Red Bull took advantage of a Safety Car period to win a six-way fight.

On fresh soft tires, Ricciardo came through from sixth place to overtake all of the main championship contenders and win by 8.9 seconds from Valtteri Bottas. Having led after jumping Sebastian Vettel in the first round of pit stops, Bottas held off the charge of Kimi Raikkonen in the final laps, with Lewis Hamilton taking fourth as Max Verstappen – fourth on the road – dropped to fifth due to a time penalty.

Vettel was left in eighth place after contact with Verstappen took him out of third at the time, but Ricciardo's win marked the first time Mercedes has gone three races without a win in the V6 turbo era.

Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull had been relatively closely matched but the top six were all spaced out when the two Toro Rossos collided to leave debris on the track and lead the Safety Car to be deployed. With Bottas leading Vettel and Verstappen at the time and the top two passing the pit lane, Red Bull responded immediately by pitting both drivers while the other two teams left their drivers out – Raikkonen having not long pitted for medium tires – and Verstappen was running fourth with Ricciardo sixth when the race restarted with 21 laps remaining.

The Red Bulls were soon the quickest cars on track, with Bottas leading Vettel but Hamilton in third having to defend from Verstappen. Ricciardo dispatched Raikkonen at the Turn 14 hairpin and then inherited fourth when Verstappen ran wide attacking the defending champion.

With 16 laps to run, Ricciardo showed his teammate how it's done as he came from a long way back to pass Hamilton into Turn 14 and then used DRS to get ahead of Vettel on the run to the same corner two laps later.


Bottas was still leading after a faultless race but Ricciardo – who had said he would have tried to pass Vettel for the lead on the final lap in Bahrain in Bottas' shoes – pulled a breathtaking move at Turn 6 for the lead. Bottas moved late to cover but there was just a car's width on the inside and Ricciardo took full advantage as the pair came perilously close to contact.

Just before that pass with 11 laps remaining, Verstappen's race craft was again found wanting as he made a late move to the inside of Vettel at Turn 14 and hit the Ferrari, spinning both cars and dropping Vettel to seventh behind Nico Hulkenberg. That incident allowed Hamilton and Raikkonen ahead, with the Ferrari taking advantage to jump into third place.

Verstappen was given a 10-second time penalty for the collision – the same as Pierre Gasly was given for hitting Brendon Hartley in the incident that caused the Safety Car – but soon dispatched a struggling Hamilton once again at Turn 6 as he looked to minimize that penalty.

With Raikkonen on eight-lap fresher medium tires than Bottas, he closed on his fellow Finn for P2, with Verstappen joining the fight on track. Raikkonen was unable to get a move done, however, and Verstappen also held station to cross the line in fourth but drop behind Hamilton due to his penalty.

Ricciardo eased away to win by nearly 10 seconds, having nearly missed qualifying on Saturday when he suffered a turbo failure in FP3, and he again had his team to thank as the strategy played out perfectly. However, the Australian was the perfect blend of aggressiveness and precision to take advantage and move through the field.


Vettel lit his rear tires when recovering from the spin with Verstappen and appeared to also be nursing a damaged car as he failed to stay with Hulkenberg in the closing laps, with Fernando Alonso hunting him down. With two laps to go, Alonso passed on the inside of Turn 1 and then forced the Ferrari off on the inside of Turn 2, moving up to seventh.

The championship leader ended up eighth, while Carlos Sainz came home ninth for Renault ahead of Kevin Magnussen in 10th. Both Renaults had also followed Red Bull in switch to soft tires under the Safety Car.

Vettel's struggles saw him pick up just four points compared to 12 for Hamilton, seeing the championship lead cut to nine points, while Mercedes also moves one point clear of Ferrari in the constructors' championship. Vettel had looked set to extend his advantage when he led a relatively dull first part of the race before pitting, with Bottas getting the undercut by pitting one lap earlier to turn around a 3.5-second deficit to take the lead before the intervention of the Safety Car.

Force India just missed out on points with Esteban Ocon 11th and Sergio Perez 12th, while Hartley was the only driver to retire after the contact with Gasly, leaving Charles Leclerc as the last of the finishers in 19th place after a spin at Turn 1.



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#186 Rad-oh-yeah?

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Posted 16 April 2018 - 00:11

Ricciardo: 'Crazy' F1 epitomized by turnaround
Sunday, 15 April 2018
Chris Medland / Images by Etherington, Dunbar/LAT


Daniel Ricciardo says his victory in the Chinese Grand Prix shows how "crazy" Formula 1 is after he nearly missed qualifying on Saturday.

Red Bull faced a race against time to replace Ricciardo's power unit after a turbo failure during FP3, with the team getting him on track with one minute to spare in Q1. That came just a week after Ricciardo retired on the second lap of the Bahrain Grand Prix, and he admitted that he was not expecting to take part in qualifying such was the tight timeframe.

Asked what he would say if told Red Bull would win a race before Mercedes in 2018, Ricciardo replied: "Good job. Yeah, pretty cool. Holy Testicle Tuesday!

"I don't know. I'm sitting here, reciting everything in my head what just happened. Yeah, awesome. Even after yesterday.

"I've only got six – it's not a whole lot but the wins always seem to come under some circumstances. Baku, and this one now where we really thought we were going to start the race at the back.

"We didn't think we were going to get out in qualifying and, just over 24 hours later, now to be here, it's... this sport's crazy. A week ago I was with my head down after two laps on Sunday. Yeah, frustrated at the sport, frustrated at all the variables that are involved in the sport.


"Sometimes I question why I chose this sport because there's so many other things out of your control and it does get you down a lot – but then when you have a day like this it's worth 50 of those bad ones."

Ricciardo made the most of fresh tires after a Safety Car period to climb through from sixth to win, with his pass on Valtteri Bottas for the lead particularly close as the pair fought into Turn 6.

"Opportunity be knocking! That's what I would say. I could tell that obviously we had the advantage coming in at the safety car and having those softs. I sensed the opportunity. Initially it was 'OK, maybe now we can fight for the podium' and at the rate that we were going through the field, and I could feel the tires were holding on well, then it was obviously fully set on the win.

"Obviously I had pace over all the guys that I got ahead of but you still don't want to sit behind for too long. I saw Valtteri defend but I was kind of committed already from Turn 3 that I was going to try.

"It was cool – it was close but I would say close but fair and it's cool when you go wheel-to-wheel and I think it's fun for drivers and it's good TV, so I enjoyed it. It makes it a bit sweeter than just maybe cruising past on the straight, so that was a lot of fun."

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#187 Rad-oh-yeah?

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Posted 16 April 2018 - 00:13

Bottas felt he deserved Chinese GP victory
Sunday, 15 April 2018
Chris Medland / Image by Etherington, Hone/LAT


Valtteri Bottas believes he deserved to win the Chinese Grand Prix but says there was nothing Mercedes could have done to cover the threat of Red Bull.

With Sebastian Vettel leading by over three seconds, Bottas delivered an excellent in-lap and was similarly quick on his out-lap after Mercedes made an impressive pit stop that saw him jump the Ferrari. Bottas had then been able to keep Vettel outside of DRS range when a Safety Car period allowed the Red Bulls to switch to fresh soft tires, and Daniel Ricciardo duly climbed through when the race restarted to take a spectacular victory.

"The race was going pretty well for us and we were looking strong all the way, until the guys, during the Safety Car, stopped and we were in trouble then with Daniel and nearly with Kimi [Raikkonen] in the end," Bottas said. "It is disappointing. We were giving everything we had and it kind of felt like we deserved victory... but not today.

"It felt like everything was under control [before the Safety Car]. I had no major drop-off in the end, so I think we could have done it – but this is racing, these things happen."

Having started from third place, Bottas jumped Raikkonen at the first corner before getting ahead of Vettel but says it was too late for him to be able to pit when the Safety Car was deployed.


"Starting the race from the second row makes it more difficult. It's a shame what happened in the end because we really took the opportunities in the beginning of the race start, during the pit stop. After the stop everything was going fine. And then with the Safety Car we just got a little bit unlucky – but that happens sometimes. It's difficult to accept that quickly, after the race, but that's F1."

With the Mercedes leading until 11 laps from the end, Ricciardo still had to overtake Bottas on track for victory and the pair almost collided at Turn 6, but the Finn says he only pushed his defense so far due to the pace differential between the two cars.

"Obviously I saw him very close in Turns 1, 2, 3. He got a decent exit as well. He was closing lap after lap with pretty big gains.

"From my side there was not much to do. I tried to defend but ultimately, with the better tires, he could really brake quite a lot later and got inside. It was all fair. I think it was just a matter of time, with the pace he was going."


Derane, pobedu je zasluzio onaj koji prvi prodje kroz cilj. A taj te je danas na stazi pretekao.


Tako da pokrij se usima i cuti.

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#188 Rad-oh-yeah?

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Posted 16 April 2018 - 00:20

Verstappen apologizes to Vettel for collision
Sunday, 15 April 2018
Chris Medland / Image by Mauger/LAT


Max Verstappen admits he needs to analyze his approach to overtaking after apologizing to Sebastian Vettel for colliding with the championship leader in the Chinese Grand Prix.

On fresh soft tires fitted during a Safety Car period, Verstappen was showing the pace capable of winning the race but ran wide attacking Lewis Hamilton, allowing teammate Daniel Ricciardo through into what was fourth place at the time. Once past the Mercedes, Verstappen made a late move on Vettel into the Turn 14 hairpin and contact led to both cars spinning, something which the 20-year-old personally apologized for immediately after the race.

Following his brief chat with Vettel, when asked about his race – which Ricciardo went on to win – Verstappen replied: "After that last pit stop when the team did everything right, everything worked out well, I made some mistakes so it's of course not the result you want.

"It's good for the team and Daniel did a great job and I just made life a lot more difficult for myself."

Verstappen spun after damaging his car in the opening race in Australia and then retired after contact with Lewis Hamilton in Bahrain, and after a third disrupted race says he will try and learn from the difficult start to the season.

"Well, I will analyze everything and I'll try to put that in my knowledge and try to have a better race in Baku. It's of course not something I'm happy with but those moments happen in your career I guess. I think everybody has been through those kinds of things. Nobody wants it, but unfortunately it happens."

Asked if the positives of the Red Bull win are that he could consider himself part of a title fight, Verstappen replied: "Well, if I keep going like this, of course not!

"So a difficult start to the year. I think in terms of speed, all good, but I don't know why in the races maybe wanting it a bit too much and recovering from all the stuff that happened before, but it's a bit difficult to really judge that now."


Da se sa zakasnjenjem ukljucim u raspravu o adekvatnoj kazni za Maksa, stjuardi su ovde sebi vezali ruke time sto su za identican medjusobni udes STR dvojca odrezali 10s kaznu. Posle nisu mogli drugacije kad je Maks odlucio da se ugleda na njih.


10s je mozda bila adekvatna kazna u prvom trenutku (Gasliju je ovo prvi ovakav prekrsaj u karijeri, bolid mu je svakako spor pa ne moze da nadoknadi) sa Maksom to vec nije bio slucaj. U najmanju ruku kazna je minimum trebala biti takva da ga u tom trenutku na stazi vrati iza Fetela.


No posto su vec ranije za isto dali 10s, onda im je i sada samo to ostalo kao opcija.

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#189 Rad-oh-yeah?

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Posted 16 April 2018 - 00:21

Vettel counts himself lucky after Verstappen clash
Sunday, 15 April 2018
Chris Medland / Images by Dunbar, Hone/LAT


Sebastian Vettel believes he was fortunate to pick up four points in the Chinese Grand Prix after sustaining damage in a collision with Max Verstappen late in the race.

Verstappen was attempting to pass Vettel for third place when he ran into the side of the Ferrari at the end of the long back straight, with both cars spinning. Having led the first part of the race and then fallen behind Valtteri Bottas in the first round of pit stops, Vettel dropped to seventh as a result of the collision and later lost out to Fernando Alonso as his pace clearly suffered.

"I think in a way I'm lucky that I ended it," Vettel said of his race, which was won by Daniel Ricciardo. "Obviously after a collision like that I think we might have stopped there. The lucky thing was the car was still working. Obviously the floor was damaged and the balance was gone.

"In short we lost the lead with the stop. That wasn't ideal, so we're looking into that – I think we were quite sure that we would come out in front, but we didn't – and then after that obviously the timing of the Safety Car was bad for Valtteri and myself because we had no chance to react.

"Then the race wasn't frozen, either. Normally it's frozen for one or two crossings of the Safety Car line, but it wasn't – the Safety Car was there straight away, so basically we were taken out of the race and we didn't have a chance to jump on fresh tires or stay out.

"After that obviously it was clear that the Red Bulls were faster. I think the way Daniel approached from behind, there was no point to resist much. The same with Max – I think he had a bad exit off the big straight, otherwise I was ready to just let him go. He wasn't there, so then you stay in front.

I gave a little bit of room just in case he has a tiny lock-up, but then obviously he had a big lock-up, and that's when we crashed."


With Verstappen apologizing for the incident, Vettel revealed what he said to the 20-year-old after the race but doesn't believe age plays a part in the incidents.

"He came straight after. I think he realized that he did a mistake. I said to him, 'Look, the races are long and you threw your podium away.' Obviously he was lucky to continue, I was lucky to continue, but it was not necessary.

"I think he got it. He was quite [devastated] and realized that he messed up. They were also asking whether it's a question of age and so on – it's not. He's won so many races, you know. Now the wind had stopped, but we had a bit of tailwind the whole race, and you have 41 laps to know that it's tricky to stop the car there anyway. But, yeah, it happens.

Asked if Verstappen needs to change his style, Vettel replied: "I think in that situation he has to, otherwise it happens again.

"But I appreciate the fact that he came straight away. I told him as well that this is the way to solve it: face to face and not – excuse me – through you [media] or blowing something up. I have no problem. I was calm in the car. I tried to get the car back in the best possible position and calm down."

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#190 alpiner

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Posted 16 April 2018 - 12:14

Some clever driving from Valtteri Bottas was all that avoided a race-changing clash with Daniel Ricciardo in the closing stages of the Chinese GP, according to Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff.


Potpuno se slažem sa ovim. Oba RB-a su mogla da završe na stubu srama da nije bilo Botasovog razuma. Ric je tu imao puno sreće.

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#191 Rad-oh-yeah?

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Posted 16 April 2018 - 20:58

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#192 Rad-oh-yeah?

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Posted 17 April 2018 - 14:30

Analysis: How Ferrari’s Vettel-first strategy ruined Raikkonen’s race
2018 Chinese Grand Prix

17th April 2018, 11:40
Keith Collantine

Formula One strategy is often likened to a game of chess. If that’s true then on Sunday Kimi Raikkonen was the pawn Ferrari sacrificed for king Sebastian Vettel.

That wasn’t obvious after the chequered flag fell and Raikkonen came in third place well ahead of his team mate. But had it not been for the mid-race Safety Car period, Raikkonen would have finished the race sixth, last of the ‘big three’ teams’ drivers’, having lined up on the front row. How did this happen?

What Ferrari had in mind for Raikkonen started to become clear on lap 17. Having slipped to fourth at the start, he was pursuing Max Verstappen.

On lap 16 Red Bull daringly pitted both their cars at once. This was a double blow for Raikkonen: he’d missed the chance to attack Verstappen bit pitting before him, as the Red Bull driver now had the benefit of fresher tyres; and now Daniel Ricciardo in the other Red Bull behind him was closing on fresher tyres.

Lewis Hamilton was also under threat from Ricciardo and Mercedes wasted no time bringing him in. Ferrari left Raikkonen out and within a couple of laps Hamilton and Ricciardo had ‘gapped’ him – they were now close enough that Raikkonen would fall behind them when he pitted.

“Look at Kimi’s race,” Red Bull team principal Christian Horner commented afterwards. “I didn’t understand that strategy.” But its purpose was becoming clear around the time Ricciardo got close enough to jump him.

But by then another crucial development had taken place: Valtteri Bottas had pitted from second place and was putting Vettel under pressure from the lead. On lap 21 Vettel rejoined the track behind the Mercedes.

By now Raikkonen was past the point of no return with his strategy: He was going to come out last of the front-runners. Under the circumstances the only use Ferrari had left for him was to try to delay Bottas and help Vettel catch up, or even pass.

For six laps Raikkonen circulated at the head of the field losing one-and-a-half to two seconds per lap to his pursuers. But when Bottas caught him at the start of lap 27 the Mercedes easily got around him on the outside of turn two. With tyres that were as wrecked as his race, it’s hardly a surprise Raikkonen didn’t put up more of a fight.

Of course there’s nothing new about teams using one of their cars to compromise the race of a rival. In Spain last year Bottas performed a similar role to hold off Vettel, helping Hamilton to win.

The difference on that occasion was Mercedes didn’t compromise Bottas’s strategy in order to deploy him tactically to help Hamilton. Bottas was on course to finish regardless (and was eventually stopped by engine failure.)

The Safety Car and the drama it triggered meant Raikkonen eventually finished third. “I’ll take what I got because at one point it didn’t look good at all,” he said afterwards. It’s likely that without the Safety Car he would have finished sixth, even worse than the fourth place he had fallen to at the start.

Ironically Vettel might not have come under threat from Bottas in the first place had he given Raikkonen more room into turn one at the start. By squeezing his team mate Vettel helped Bottas by and Verstappen also got a run on the Ferrari, leaving Raikkonen fourth. Ferrari’s Vettel-first strategy did the rest of the damage.

On more than one occasion last year Raikkonen could justifiably claim Ferrari had given him a less favourable strategy to help Vettel win. Now, just three races into 2018, Ferrari’s most recent world champion has become the team’s sacrificial pawn.

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#193 /13/Ален Шмит/

/13/Ален Шмит/
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Posted 18 April 2018 - 14:51

Vrlo interesantna trka, nisam očekivao ovoliki kuršlus a niti sam ga mogao sanjati. Sve do udesa TR je bila manje više procesija i već sam se predao slučaju i pomislio sam da će moj "excitement boner" biti zadovoljen u Bakuu no desilo se obratno. Dobio sam najbolju trku sezone.


Jedino važno i jedina pouka jeste da će ferari uništiti Rajkonena ako nastrave ovako. lebactiyebem pa taj horor ni Masi nisu priuštili, još samo fale poruke tipa "Vettle is faster than you" ili Austrija 2002. pa da svršimo kompletnu trkačku kastraciju ZADNJEG ferarijevog šampiona. Jebeno bedno, mrš!


Lebactiyebem, svi jebovodi od velikih riba su pobeđivali pa čak i Botas ali zahvaljujući Fetlovom No1 statusu Rajkonen će samo sanjati ono što je doživeo pre 100 (!) dana u Australiji...


Ferari, tako se ne pobeđuje u konstruktorskom poretku osim ako nemate apsolutno dominantan bolid a nemate. Samo ste nijansu bolji od RBa i Mečke.


Ferštapen je opet dokazao šta je on i od čega je sagrađen. Pa ono je potpuna replika jednog napaljenog Sony Playstation plejera, brz ko munja a "napada ko kokoš bez glave". U stvari evo jedne slike koju bi Maks morao uramiti i gledati svaki dan a veštinu učiti tokom trke tako što će kalkulisati i tako što će zapamtiti hebene dimenzije svog bolida. Boga ti pa Grožan je već prošao tu fazu a Ferštapen još nije (a pobednik VN). MIslim jbt.




Rićiju svaka čast, uživao sam gledajući majstoriju. One suze na podijumu i sve uz to, tačno sam uživao gledajući rolinkoster emocija posle jedne neverovatne trke.


Izvinjavam se ako nisam bio objektivan, više je neka frustracija išla kroz tastaturu.

Edited by /13/Ален Шмит/, 18 April 2018 - 14:54.

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#194 Rad-oh-yeah?

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Posted 18 April 2018 - 20:15

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