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Red Bull 2018 (RB 14)

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Posted 21 March 2018 - 12:22

Dr Helmut Marko has hinted strongly that Red Bull is giving serious consideration to a switch to Honda power for 2019.

Currently, the Austrian outfit is weighing up between staying with Renault or moving to the Japanese manufacturer.

Already for 2018, Red Bull decided to install Honda engines at its second team, Toro Rosso.

"We let Honda explain everything they wanted to change for this year," Marko told Bild newspaper. "That convinced us.

"I am even learning a few Japanese words, especially so that we can have dinner together in the evenings."

Some worry that while Red Bull Racing makes arguably F1's best chassis, it is Renault power that will stop the team from winning the 2018 title.

"Red Bull has taken a step, but it takes a lot of money and energy to reach Mercedes," Frits van Amersfoort, Max Verstappen's junior series boss, told Het Laatste Nieuws.

"It is mainly about Renault and what it can do with the engine, and I'm pretty sceptical. I do not believe the euphoria that arose after the Barcelona tests.

"16 million Dutch think Max is going to be world champion, but we'll only find out in Australia," he added.

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Posted 22 March 2018 - 12:22

Ricciardo hopeful top three are within 0.5s
Wednesday, 21 March 2018
Chris Medland / Image by Hone/LAT


Daniel Ricciardo is hopeful that Red Bull and Ferrari will be within 0.5s of Mercedes at this weekend's Australian Grand Prix.

Mercedes looked the class of the field on long runs during pre-season testing but struggled more with the softer compound tires, while both Ferrari and Red Bull showed glimpses of competitive pace. Despite acknowledging Mercedes still has yet to show its qualifying potential, Ricciardo believes all three teams should be within a relatively small margin.

"I'd love to think us top three – the more the teams the merrier, but if I'm just talking top three – I'd love to say we are all within half a second," Ricciardo said. "I think that's still being quite conservative but it leaves six cars within half a second. It's looking allr ight. I'd like to think that's as big as the gap is going to be spread."

While he still marks Mercedes out as favorites, Ricciardo is confident enough in Red Bull's performance to target a top-three finish at his home race in Melbourne.

"I don't know where we stand with Ferrari. I think we are close. I couldn't tell you if we are a tenth [of a second] quicker or they are. But Mercedes kept a bit under wraps at testing, so I don't want to say we are out of it before it begins but I think on real pace, the Mercedes is still ahead of the Ferrari and Red Bull. I don't know if we are just behind them or just behind Ferrari. A good weekend would be a podium."

Despite launching its new car earlier than in past years, Ricciardo believes Red Bull will mark itself out as a title contender if it can back up his prediction and challenge at the front this weekend.

"[The earlier launch] certainly helped. Day one in Barcelona proved it. We had got the filming day done, we got the car running and got it on track and then had a week before testing to get a few niggles out and on day one we did over 100 laps," he noted. "I'd like to think that was the reason. The team was a bit more proactive this year and a bit less greedy going to the last minute.

"We are coming to Melbourne a lot more prepared than we have been in previous years. We have to use that to our advantage. If both cars can get strong points finishes this weekend – and by that I mean the podium – I think that will send out a strong statement to Mercedes and Ferrari."

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Posted 27 March 2018 - 16:51

U RBR veruju da su brzi od Ferarija:

Red Bull had ‘genuine pace’ masked in Australia
Tuesday, 27 March 2018
By Chris Medland / Image by Hone/LAT


Red Bull displayed "genuine pace" in the Australian Grand Prix but was unable to show it properly due to being stuck behind slower cars, according to team principal Christian Horner.

Max Verstappen started from fourth place but dropped behind Kevin Magnussen's Haas at the start of the race and was unable to find a way past, spinning after damaging his diffuser early on. A grid penalty left Daniel Ricciardo eighth on the grid but he climbed up to fourth before being stuck behind Kimi Raikkonen after a Virtual Safety Car period, and Horner says there was only one glimpse of how quick the RB14 really is.

"The pace of our car was actually very good," Horner said. "Both of our cars sat looking at rear wings of different cars throughout the grand prix. The only clear lap we had was when Daniel dropped back from Kimi and then went to push up to have a go in the last part of the race and set the fastest race lap.

"So we had a lot of pace in hand but where never able to show it because they were constantly within a second of someone.

"Taking the positives out of the weekend, it's the first time in the hybrid era we got both cars to the finish [in Melbourne]. We got the fastest lap of the race, and that wasn't just through putting a set of ultra-softs on at the end, it was genuine pace.

"I think we've got a quick race car and, finishing fourth, just off the podium, is always frustrating, particularly for Daniel when it's his home race. But there's a lot of positives we can take from this race."

With Verstappen struggling from early on in the race, Horner says the damage picked up was having a significant effect on his car's handling.

"As soon as he was behind the Haas, knowing how tough it is to overtake around [Melbourne], he absolutely went for it, got a bit wide at 11, 12, on lap six and that damaged the rear diffuser. And that created a significant imbalance for him which he did incredibly well to manage for the rest of the race. But then that caught him out with a spin at Turn 1.

"He was getting loss of downforce in mid-corner, nothing he could do about it. But even with that he was putting massive pressure on Fernando [Alonso]. There was a discrepancy, he thought he was ahead, I think the timing said that Fernando was a tenth ahead so we gave back the place, and then that was his race done.

"Difficult to say [how big the loss was], because he did not have a lap in clear air it is difficult to measure, but it was a significant loss of load."

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Posted 29 March 2018 - 22:54

Horneru opet smeta Reno:

Renault still holding back Red Bull, Horner says
Thursday, 29 March 2018
Chris Medland / Image by Etherington/LAT


Red Bull team principal Christian Horner says Renault still needs to make more progress in order to take the fight to Mercedes and Ferrari on every type of circuit.

Renault and Red Bull have had a strained relationship since the introduction of the V6 turbo power units in 2014, with new aerodynamic regulations last year only yielding two victories as the French engine still falls short of the performance level of Mercedes and Ferrari.

With last weekend's Australian largely defined by qualifying position due to the difficulty overtaking in the race, Horner says gains need to be made on the power unit front to give Red Bull a better chance on Saturdays.

"It's extenuated [in Melbourne]," Horner said. "Bahrain you can overtake, China you can overtake. But it exposes you. You've only got to look at the speed trap where all the Renault engines were grouped together with varying amounts of downforce on the car, so that's where we need to make progress."

Asked if any of that progress was coming soon, Horner replied: "There are bits in the pipeline. That's more of a question for Renault than for me because they're obviously not divulging everything they're up to, but it's certainly something we're pushing for. Alternatively, one could say perhaps you should have the same engine mode, like in parc ferme when the cars leave for qualifying – maybe engine modes should be the same from the moment you leave the garage from the end of the grand prix."

Red Bull showed strong race pace as Daniel Ricciardo set the fastest lap while stuck behind Kimi Raikkonen (pictured), and Horner says the team will work on its own weaknesses while hoping for an improvement to one-lap engine performance.

"I think we have some good information. We know we have a good race car, the negative for us is still the deficit in qualifying. The 'party mode'... we'd like to go to Lewis' party...

"We will just work on all the things, [taking] the feedback from the drivers, and work on the handling characteristics that we want to improve on."


Mislim br'te, eno Honda zeljno ceka, samo navali... :lol+:

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Posted 07 April 2018 - 19:44


Red Bull not quick enough for pole yet – Ricciardo
2018 F1 season
7th April 2018, 19:23
Keith Collantine

Daniel Ricciardo says Red Bull weren’t quick enough to be contenders for pole position in Bahrain despite qualifying within half a second of the front-runners.

After the first runs in Q3 Ricciardo was just three-tenths away from pole position. He dropped further behind on his final run but doesn’t believe the car was capable of beating the Ferraris or Mercedes.

“I guess part of me is frustrated because I’m still on the tail of that pack,” said Ricciardo. “And you look at four tenths and [think] it’s only four tenths but realistically I didn’t lose pole today, personally.

“The middle sector on my last lap was a tenth or two slower, I could have been maybe a tenth up the road but it still didn’t change the outcome. Generally I was pretty happy with it and to see the top five around four tenths its been a while since we saw that.

“Hopefully it stays like that in the race, we can bang wheels and have some fun.”

Ricciardo added he’s “not surprised Ferrari’s quick around here – weirdly it’s always been a strong track for them, at least from my memory.”

“But I thought Mercedes would’ve been quicker in quali. Looked like they were struggling a bit throughout the weekend for their standards. I thought in quali they would’ve turned it up. Maybe they chose not to use that mode this weekend to take the attention off, maybe they’re just playing the game.”

Red Bull’s rivals still have an advantage on the straights, he said. “I guess we lose all our time in sector one. I think they were doing 27.9 or 28.0 and I was like a 28.3. Most of the lap time was there.

“I think second and third sector we’re pretty close. It’s encouraging, the car seems decent, like it was in Melbourne, the chassis seems alright.

“With the engines not using quali mode tomorrow I would hope that it brings it really close.”

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Posted 08 April 2018 - 00:42

Verstappen blames horsepower surge for crash
Saturday, 07 April 2018
By Chris Medland / Image by Tee/LAT


Max Verstappen says his crash during qualifying for the Bahrain Grand Prix was caused by a surge of 150 horsepower when he didn't expect it.

Running fourth in Q1, Verstappen headed back out for a late run and lost control on the exit of Turn 2, sliding sideways through the gravel and hitting the barrier with his front left corner, breaking his suspension. Having investigated the issue, Verstappen says a surprise power mode kicked in that caused him to spin.

"Well I studied the data immediately when I came out of the car because for me it was also a big surprise what happened," Verstappen said. "I think it's never happened to me before in my career, something like that. Of course I've had crashes in qualifying but that's like going off the track or outbraking yourself. But Turn 2 in Q1 is not flat, it's like 95 percent throttle but somehow from one lap to the next I got like 150 horsepower extra on the rear tires...

"More or less 150 horsepower extra kicked in and it overslipped the rear tires and made me spin.

"You have a certain throttle map which can be a little bit aggressive but I've been running it for over a year now, but somehow in that corner it gave me suddenly 150 horsepower extra."

And Verstappen says the reason he was out on track was to try and solve a mapping issue that had been costing him time when trying to run in qualifying specification.

"Yeah in general also top speed losses [were a problem]. That's why I was doing an extra lap, to calibrate everything. Because every time I was using the faster modes I had a problem, I was three or four tenths slower than what it should be.

"That's also what happened to me in third practice. I was second but I lost four tenths from the engine by not having the power. It was not as much as in the practice but there were still problems on the straight, just not the deployment I wanted, so the team told me to do another lap to try and calibrate it better. But I couldn't finish the lap.

"It was the same mapping, it was just to try and calibrate. But this has nothing to do with this spike in power, it was just the power of the engine. Somehow from one to the other lap with exactly the same throttle position, the same mode, everything..."

Despite his crash, Verstappen is confident he will be able to recover to score significant points on Sunday.

"It can be a good race, I think the pace of the car is good in the long runs. I just need to be on it tomorrow, but in general up to P5 is quite a big gap in pace. So with a bit of luck, maybe with a Safety Car I can hopefully maybe fight in front again. Like Austin last year, I finished on the podium – of course it got taken away – but I would say I have a good chance."

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#37 leone

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Posted 08 April 2018 - 01:20

Ovima zapomagacima nikako ugodit, prvo im je malo KS, a onda premnogo  :lol+: . Uvijek neko drugi kriv od Renaulta, preko Ferrarija do Merca.

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Posted 11 April 2018 - 10:55

Red Bull's motorsport boss Helmut Marko has demanded a "fast and reliable engine" after the Renault failure that ended Daniel Ricciardo's Bahrain Grand Prix after one racing lap.


The team believed that it had a shot at victory in the second round of the Formula 1 season but a suspected energy store failure forced Ricciardo to stop on the second lap, just seconds after Max Verstappen had contact with Lewis Hamilton that triggered the Dutchman's retirement two laps later.


If the energy store is not repairable Ricciardo will have to take a second in China, which will put him on the brink of a grid penalty as drivers are only allowed to use two energy stores for the season.

"The problem of Ricciardo is it is not the first time it's happened," Marko told Autosport.


"What can you do when a technical issue just stops you completely?

"And we were unlucky with Max, he got such a heavy hit. It broke the wheel, and also the diff was damaged in the impact.

"First we have to sort out our qualifying, but we need a fast and reliable engine."


Red Bull's relationship with Renault has been fractious for some time and there were strong hints last year that it could end after 2018.

Toro Rosso, the Red Bull junior team, is using Honda engines this year after swapping its Renault supply with McLaren.

Ricciardo said the Bahrain weekend was an example of how F1 "rips your heart out" sometimes, while Red Bull team principal Christian Horner also called it a "brutally frustrating" race.

Horner said its pace continues to be stronger in the race than qualifying.

"Daniel commented that even in the two laps he was able to do he was able to close pretty comfortably on Kimi [Raikkonen]," he said.

"Max, the feeling he was getting, he was able to line up and pass Lewis [Hamilton], shows the potential was really there.

"Nobody actually ran the ultimate race and we'd have been really competitive."

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#39 djura.net

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Posted 11 April 2018 - 12:45

meni ova "igranka" lici na to da su u RBu resili da menjaju motor za narednu sezonu.

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#40 Rad-oh-yeah?

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Posted 11 April 2018 - 14:20

Ma samo napred, slobodno!

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#41 alpiner

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Posted 11 April 2018 - 17:08

Meni idealno, došao McL odlazi RB

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Posted 12 April 2018 - 10:15

Mogu biti najprljaviji tim na gridu, ali da jim Renault motori crkavaju i da imaju poteškoča upgrajdima, istina je. 


Renault are also due to upgrade their engine with a new hybrid system. 
It was initially said to be scheduled for the start of the season, then Spain next month. But there is as yet no confirmed date.

Renault's engine is still running with its 2016 energy recovery system, after a planned update for 2017 could never be made reliable.
The 2018 version has been delayed for the same reason, so it is inevitable that there is some scepticism within F1 about whether it, too, will ever appear.

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#43 Sam633

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Posted 12 April 2018 - 13:29

Barem priznaju stvar, ne prave se ... klovnovi.

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Posted 12 April 2018 - 17:35

Mogu biti najprljaviji tim na gridu, ali da jim Renault motori crkavaju i da imaju poteškoča upgrajdima, istina je. 
Renault are also due to upgrade their engine with a new hybrid system. 
It was initially said to be scheduled for the start of the season, then Spain next month. But there is as yet no confirmed date.
Renault's engine is still running with its 2016 energy recovery system, after a planned update for 2017 could never be made reliable.
The 2018 version has been delayed for the same reason, so it is inevitable that there is some scepticism within F1 about whether it, too, will ever appear.

Pazi malog kako uči politiku...

In the wake of Daniel Ricciardo's retirement on the opening lap of the Bahrain Grand Prix with an engine electrics issue, Max Verstappen, who was to retire himself just two laps later, remains surprisingly philosophical in terms of Renault reliability.

"We had a problem quite similar to me last year in Canada, and in testing I think as well this year," said the Dutch youngster ahead of this weekend’s Chinese Grand Prix. "So it's definitely something to look into, but what can you do about it?

"It's something Renault needs to sort out," he continued. "But they are, of course, working really hard on that, they will try their very best to provide us with the best possible equipment again here, so I'm actually not too worried about it, and if at the end of the day it happens, it happens, you can't prevent it."

Philosophical and somewhat diplomatic as Red Bull has weeks in which to decide whether it will stick with the French manufacturer for 2019 or follow the example of sister team Toro Rosso and switch to Honda power.

Clearly, Max feels it might be best not to burn that particular (French) bridge just yet.

Renault čeka novi mgu-k, to je problem. Taj stari koji koriste je Marelliev, a obzirom da taj hibridni deo ostati i na motorima 2021. važno je da se uradi u kući. Za mene je to dobar pristup i treba biti strpljiv nije daleko rešenje. Sređen je sus motor, sređen je mgu-h nema razloga da i ovo ne bude urađeno kako treba.
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Posted 13 April 2018 - 16:04

Red Bull boss Christian Horner has admitted there was no car or engine issue when Max Verstappen crashed in qualifying for last weekend's Bahrain Grand Prix.

After the Q1 accident Verstappen complained of a 150bhp power surge, prompting cynical responses from some of his F1 rivals.

Although some observers suggested there may have been a technical problem - possibly a sticking throttle - Horner insisted there were no mechanical issues, and the accident was actually triggered by Verstappen's foot jumping on the throttle pedal as he ran over the kerbs.

"It wasn't a stuck throttle," Horner told Autosport. "I think when he got high on the kerb there was an oscillation on the foot. It was fairly obvious.

"The gearshift around there has always been a bit lumpy, and I think it was a combination of that, pushing flat out, up on the kerb, oscillation with the foot.

"Put a lot of stuff together, that's what happens. There's nothing to read into it."

Renault Sport boss Cyril Abiteboul confirmed the French manufacturer had found nothing wrong in its investigations.

"The engine has done exactly what the throttle was asking, it was very clear," he told Autosport.

"It's a determinist thing - cause and consequence, when you press on the throttle, something is happening to the engine.

"The engine has reacted in exactly the same way that it was supposed to react."

Renault driver Nico Hulkenberg was one of the immediate sceptics, suggesting after qualifying in Bahrain it was not possible for the engine to surge like that on its own.

"I would like to know where the 150 horsepowers are coming from," he said. "Does he have a party mode as well?

"I haven't experienced that. It doesn't change from one lap to another. Let me put it like this - that's Greek to me."


Hehe, ovi su stvarno ko stvoreni za Hondu. Hondi motore lomi sasija koja vibrira, ovima noge same od sebe osciliraju... :rotflmao:

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