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Renault 2018

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#91 L0shMi

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Posted 04 August 2018 - 08:11

Konačno da vidimo koliko je Hulk dobar. Opasno dobar tandem za sledeću sezonu. Čestitke alpineru.

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#92 alpiner

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Posted 07 August 2018 - 18:18

Slegla se malo prašina oko ovog Ricovog prelaska i kada pogledam ništa logičnije nije moglo da se desi. Nije ovo nikakav šok. 


Retko ko spominje i uzima kao glavni motiv novac. Ako je Renault ponudio lupam 20, a RB 15m po sezoni razlika je ogromna. 10 milki su velike pare za dve godine čak i za ovako vrhunskog vozača. Po štampi se vuku neke sulude cifre od 35m$, ali to nema šanse. 


Ric sa druge strane RB-u jednostavno nije bio pod moranje i na neki način njima su se savršeno sklopile kockice. Dobili su zamenu u vozaču koji je vrhunski talenat i što je jako važno Hondin čovek - Gasly. Njemu se sigurno pravi mesto u timu i verijem da je Ricu ponuđen ugovor od samo godinu dana. Nisu horny&čmarko bili šokirani ovom odlukom, znali su jako dobro šta rade i šta je plan B




U prošli petak kada sam pročitao vest osećao sam se kao da mi je neko rekao kako se najlepša žena u gradu zaljubila u mene. Pet dana sam bio u oblacima.


Probudio se jutros, pogledam se u ogledalo i...



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#93 alpiner

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Posted 08 August 2018 - 23:54

Abiteboul says the chance to sign one of Formula 1's top stars to a permanent deal was too good to pass on.

"Esteban was on the short list and Carlos was also considered, but Ricciardo was the only option," Abiteboul told RMC.

"In addition to him being the best, we made sure we had a driver one hundred per cent at Renault.

"It was too great an opportunity to lose it.

"Only once every two or three years does such an occasion appear. The next time the train passes with one of the best drivers could be after 2021."

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#94 alpiner

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Posted 16 August 2018 - 18:28

Renault's push to increase its works Formula 1 team's headcount by 50 per cent since rejoining the grid hurt its efficiency and "bang-for-buck" while developing its 2018 challenger.
Since reclaiming 'Team Enstone' from Lotus ahead of the 2016 season, Renault has been on an aggressive recruitment drive that will have boosted a staff of 470 to 700 by the end of this year.

That push, which has come alongside upgrading the Enstone base's facilities, has posed a significant challenge in integrating staff and impacted the efficiency of the operation.

Renault F1 boss Cyril Abiteboul told Motorsport.com: "It's a challenge because we are not talking about a couple of heads, we are talking about hundreds of heads.

"You can tactically recruit one or two people but when you are talking about dozens of people it doesn't work the same way and you need to have good integration.

"We had a very low efficiency this season, if we look at the sort of bang-for-buck and how we are controlling the car build, the way that, unfortunately, we have overspent on car build.

"All of that is relative to the way that we have increased. So, rather than chasing huge numbers in terms of headcount, we now need to think about how to work better between the different departments, and alleviating the bottleneck we have in the organisations."

Renault has been doubling the size of its composites facility at Enstone over the summer break, an expansion that will alleviate a delay in producing parts.

This will allow it to better utilise the quality of its facilities, including a windtunnel based at the factory.

Renault has still enacted significant staffing changes this year, most notably the move of Marcin Budkowski from the FIA to Renault's executive director.

Former chief technical officer Bob Bell has also moved into to a part-time advisory role and will not be replaced.

Abiteboul sees the team growing further after 2018, at a reduced rate.

"We will be going further than that [the 700 headcount target] because we think we have to," said Abiteboul.

"But we don't want to go crazy, because I think we are reaching a point where the market does not have many more good candidates to offer.

"We have to think about the quality of the people who are available there."


"Efficiency is the keyword for the acceleration of what Enstone has to do on the chassis side.

"On the engine side, it's a bit different, it's more just acceleration, the speed at which we are developing the engine."

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#95 alpiner

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Posted 01 September 2018 - 01:55

Spec C oko 30 ks +

We just have to hope that Christian is not on Sky when they have a problem

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#96 alpiner

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Posted 09 September 2018 - 11:23

Renault's Spec C is base for top engine - Carlos Sainz Jr.

Carlos Sainz Jr believes Renault will "finally make an engine at the level of Mercedes and Ferrari" next season after its latest Formula 1 upgrade made its debut in Italy last weekend.

Renault customer team Red Bull used the new 'Spec C' engine at Monza, with Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen reporting satisfactory gains in line with Renault's 0.3s estimate.

Sainz, who will leave the Renault works team to join its other customer McLaren in 2019, says the manufacturer should be encouraged by the Spec C's debut.

"The C-spec is the baseline of next year's engine," said Sainz.

"It looks to be working well in the Red Bull, and they look pretty pleased with that.

"That's a good step. It's a shame that we didn't have it this year because it would make our life a lot easier against the Haas and against the Force Indias.

"I have faith that Renault is going to finally make an engine at the level of Mercedes and Ferrari.

"Together with that partnership with McLaren I hope to have a better year than this one."

Verstappen almost scored a podium at Monza after keeping Valtteri Bottas's Mercedes behind on-track through the entire grand prix.

However, the Dutchman also declared earlier in the weekend that Renault was costing Red Bull about a second in performance at the Italian circuit.

Sainz, who as with team-mate Nico Hulkenberg is sticking with the Spec B engine because Renault has reliability concerns over the Spec C, said anything Renault can learn from Monza will not be applied during the current campaign.

"We won't have many more developments on the engine side, we need to focus on the car," said Sainz.

"It's good that they [Red Bull] run it because the engine guys can learn from that and put the findings into next year's development."

The Renault team holds a slender lead in the fight for fourth in the constructors' championship, but only because it protested the Haas of Romain Grosjean at Monza.

Grosjean was disqualified from the results for running an illegal floor, giving Renault a 10-point lead.

Asked if the Spec B will be enough to defeat Haas, which has beaten Renault on-track at the last three grands prix and has an upgraded Ferrari engine, Sainz said he hoped Renault's chassis developments would help.

Renault will bring upgraded bargeboards and turning vanes to the next race in Singapore next weekend.

"I know the chassis department and the aero department are pushing flat out," he said.
"We're obviously stuck with this type of engine until the end of the year.

"If the aero parts work and we make it to the finish in P4, everyone will be proud, everyone will be happy."


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#97 /13/Ален Шмит/

/13/Ален Шмит/
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Posted 15 September 2018 - 11:36

Reno iskopirao RBov uspravni deflektor



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#98 Rad-oh-yeah?

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Posted 15 September 2018 - 13:40

Sta, nema vise "aerodinamicke macke"?



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#99 /13/Ален Шмит/

/13/Ален Шмит/
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Posted 15 September 2018 - 14:46




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#100 Rad-oh-yeah?

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Posted 17 September 2018 - 16:35


Daniel Ricciardo has admitted to Sky F1 that he is not expecting to challenge for podiums with Renault until 2020.

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#101 /13/Ален Шмит/

/13/Ален Шмит/
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Posted 20 October 2018 - 20:04






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