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Формула Е 2017/18

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Posted 13 September 2017 - 23:58

Surprise Formula E Test for Bruni

Ex-F1 driver Giannmaria Bruni took part in a recent Formula E test with the Venturi team, e-racing365 can reveal….,,

Ex-Formula One driver Gianmaria Bruni took part in a recent Formula E test with the Venturi team, e-racing365 can reveal.

The Italian, who is a Porsche-contracted driver, undertook several laps at a secret location in the South of France last month.

It was the first time Bruni had driven a contemporary single-seater since racing car since 2006 when he won two races for the Trident GP2 team.

Bruni joined Maro Engel and Brendon Hartley at the test, which is understood to have been instigated by Porsche to learn more about the all-electric formula and effectively place another of its contracted drivers with a team ahead of its own entry in to the championship in 2019.

A team source told eracing365 that Bruni “was everything we expected: professional, curious and obviously very good. He really took things seriously but also obviously enjoyed himself.”

It remains to be seen if Bruni could figure as a potential outsider choice to join Engel at Venturi for the fourth Formula E season, which kicks off in Hong Kong in December

Rossiter Also Given Venturi Run

The fourth driver to test for Venturi last month was current Super GT and FIA World Endurance Championship driver James Rossiter.

The British driver also undertook “a good number of laps and was pretty impressive” according to a team source.

Rossiter, who first sampled Formula E power in an unofficial shakedown test at the Berlin ePrix in May, is believed to be contention for the drive along with Hartley, Bruni and Tom Dillmann.

Dillmann, who raced in seven ePrixs for Venturi last season, scoring points in four of his appearances, did not test in the South of France with the four other drivers. Instead, the 28 year-old former Formula V8 3.5 Series champion undertook a separate test developing aspects of Venturi’s Season 4 package.

A decision on Venturi’s lineup is expected to be made public later this month ahead of the official FIA deadline for entries on Oct. 20.

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Posted 15 September 2017 - 22:18

Mayor Coderre reaffirms that Formula E will return next year to Montreal

Despite the complaints, the demonstrations and all the pressure that the mayoralty of Montreal, Formula E will return to the city next year.

And yes, the race will be held again in the center of the city.

Mayor Denis Coderre was in the uncomfortable situation of defending the issue at a time that was not expected. A group of citizens, who have met in a body called Formule Citoyen , took advantage of the session of the City Council to challenge the mayor on the issue.

Works by the asphalting, noise by the operations of assembly of the circuit, chaotic traffic to enter and leave their homes, as well as noise throughout the weekend of the event.

These were some of the complaints filed by citizens , mostly residents of the Center-Sud sector , where the urban circuit was installed.

But despite the complaints, the mayor confirmed that the race for fully electric cars will return next year. "It was the first time and it is clear that there are things that can be perfected, " defended the mayor.

One of the doubts people have is: why does not the race run on the Gilles-Villeneuve circuit , like F1?

The mayor repeated that the president of the International Automobile Federation ( FIA ) said that it was impossible to perform the race in this place. In addition, the mayor has said that adjusting the circuit to this category would generate very high costs.

With municipal elections to be held in November, Mayor Coderre's plans could change. Valérie Plante , leader of Projet Montréal and mayoral candidate, has said that if he wins, he will change the race to the Gilles-Villeneuve circuit.

A survey revealed that the majority of the population agrees with the race, but they rejected the way Mayor Coderre managed the event.

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Posted 16 September 2017 - 13:35

Nelsinjo prešao u Jaguar!

Report: Nelson Piquet jr. changes to the 4th Formula E season to Jaguar

Speculation about the deal has been around for a long time, but now the hammer seems to have fallen: Nelson Piquet jr. obviously changes to Panasonic Jaguar Racing. The champion of the first Formula E season is to replace Adam Carroll at the British team, and will join the fourth season alongside Mitch Evans, which will start in Hong Kong on 2 December. The 'e-racing365'. The official launch of the new Jaguar team is scheduled for next week, Thursday, September 21st.

Piquet has long been on the wish list of Jaguar. First talks took place just before the planting-in of the "Raubkatze" a year ago. A few weeks ago, in August, the deal has now finally come into being. Actually, Piquet was still under contract with the Chinese team NextEV NIO, for which he has contested the past three seasons. NextEV is said to have fought for Piquet but ultimately the Brazilian and Jaguar seem to have found a way to leave the weakening NIO team in the last two years.

Whoever will take the place of Piquet at NIO - so the future name - is still unclear. Some pilots of the third Formula E season are currently in the limbo and could dock with the Chinese. Possible candidates are Robin Frijns, Loic Duval, Jose Maria Lopez, Adam Carroll and Stephane Sarrazin. Perhaps NIO but also a new series on board. Currently it is impossible to predict who has the best chances - pure speculation.

Jaguar is said to have had interest in the two Virgin drivers Sam Bird and Alex Lynn, who were recently confirmed for season four . The latter completed even a test for Jaguar in August, but stayed with Virgin, because Lopez left the team.

In addition to Piquet, his former racing engineer Phil Charles was hired by Jaguar in August. Charles worked last in the years 2008 and 2009 on the side Piquets, when he took for Renault in the Formula 1. Between 2013 and 2017, Charles was a chef engineer at Toro Rosso in the "royal class". Patrick Coorey, previously Adam Carroll's racing engineer, is also to stay with Jaguar. So, what role Charles will take is not yet clear.

Comment by Timo Pape: Jaguar on the way up
Still nothing is confirmed, but the change from Piquet to Jaguar has been suggested and seems realistic. Meaning the deal for both sides equally, because not only Piquet wants to finally fight for victories. Jaguar has gone through an expected difficult first Formula E season. In the end it was only to the last place, but the British were on equal terms with Andretti, Dragon and Venturi. All the teams that have been part of the first Formula E race in 2014 and have already achieved success - above all Dragon with the Vizemeisterschaft 2014/15. Jaguar earned 27 points in season three, twelve of them by the strong fourth place of Mitch Evans in Mexico. If one considers that Jaguar early in the year 2016 on a very conservative drive solution continued, the debuting season was actually quite positive.

Meanwhile, Jaguar has gained a lot of experience. The new drive should be significantly more competitive than before. Consequently, the "rape cat" now also has to think big at the driver line-up. Evans has earned a third in season three, but Adam Carroll was a bitter disappointment in my eyes. Piquet has shown since the first season that he belongs to the best drivers of the Formula E, just as far as energy management is concerned. He will give Jaguar a whole new self-image and at the same time with his experience a good benchmark for the young Evans. Piquet is the perfect choice. I think he will develop Jaguar into a top team of Formula E in the next two years - if he actually comes.

The British bring a lot of motorsport experience - thanks also to the Williams team, which takes over the operational business on the track. And lots of money. Already in season three it became clear that Jaguar in the frame of the ePrix powerful in shell. Just recently, the brand also announced the launch of the Jaguar I-PACE eTrophy as a brand cup from the season E in season five . And even with the supposed change of Piquet, Jaguar may have grabbed deeply into the bag, in order to buy the former champion out of his contract. Jaguar is in the Formula E in the full, and will pay off in the medium term.



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Posted 16 September 2017 - 20:35

Idemo bre, želim klovnove na struju!!!


Formula E is of great interest from constructors, including BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. In the past, Alejandro Agag, the head of the series, said he would also welcome designers from Japan and the US. One of the aspirants to enter Form E could be Honda, who is experiencing a very difficult time after returning to Formula One.

Formula Formula E confirmed by sports director Honda Masaši Jamamoto : "I would like to look at Form E but this series is not interesting for Honda. But I can confirm that we really considered the gain of the twelfth seat for the fifth season. In this respect, we have already spoken to Mr. Agagom. At the moment, however, we do not think this series can help our brand. "

It seems that Honda does not expand the Formula E board. However, in the recent period, interest in Nissan was mentioned. This brand was said to be even able to replace the champion Renault in the championship .

Source: Motorsport.com


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Posted 17 September 2017 - 20:11

Audi nam pokazao naznaku izgleda livreja za četvrtu sezonu, ovo će im biti prva godina kao fabrička ekipa pošto su se u protekle tri sezone takmičili kao Abt Šefler Audi Sport, sad će biti Audi Sport Abt Šefler




"e-tron" natpis  :wub:

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Posted 17 September 2017 - 22:39

EBeresford: d’Ambrosio “Stitched into the Fabric” of Dragon Racing

Dragon Racing technical director Nigel Beresford gives insight into working with Formula E race-winner Jerome d’Ambrosio…


Ever-present on the FIA Formula E Championship grid since the inception of the championship, Jerome d’Ambrosio has driven for Dragon Racing in every ePrix in the three-season history of the series.

E-racing365 recently met with Dragon’s Technical Director, Nigel Beresford, who gave a rare insight in to what it’s like working with one of the few race-winning Formula E drivers.

D’Ambrosio is off the back of a disappointing season with the Faraday Future Dragon Racing. It was a season in which a slim picking of seventh position at the season-opening Hong Kong ePrix could barely be called a highlight.

There were flashes of positivity, such as starting fifth in New York and a reasonably strong finish in Montreal at least took a small amount of the sting away.

Beresford, who has formed a close bond with d’Ambrosio, believes the Belgian has a distinctive characteristic in modern racing drivers: loyalty.

“Jerome is very interesting. The only other driver I have ever worked with, and they are two utterly different personalities, is Rick Mears in terms of the dedication to the team,” said Beresford, a 40-year motorsports veteran.

“I mean Rick Mears is Penske through and through and even now, decades after he retired, he is still deeply involved in the team.

“Similarly, Jerome sees Dragon as his team, his family. He makes a lot of sacrifices on behalf of the team in terms of his personal freedom.

“For example, he wanted to be on vacation for a few weeks, but we had a test scheduled, and so he came back from the South Pacific to attend that test [specifically]!”

Beresford believes part of the genuine warmth is to do with d’Amrosio’s work ethic, which is usually seen by only the nucleus of the team when they are pounding around Calafat or Varano for days at a time.

“Jerome is a driver who will do whatever he needs to get the job done,” Beresford said. “He is always available and happy to jump on a plane.

“He cares deeply about Dragon. As you know, he is also tremendously presentable and professional and he is something of a polyglot, speaking three or four languages.

“He is a very intelligent guy who is stitched into the fabric of the team, which he is very much a part of.”

A propensity to push the limits, even in testing, and also give no quarter to former teammate Loic Duval are barely criticisms at all, according to Beresford.

“My only slight criticism of Jerome as a test driver is that he tends to drive at nine-and-a-half tenths, rather than nine-tenths during testing,” he said. “So he is really operating at the fastest level that he can. But he certainly gives us direction.”

D’Ambrosio is of Italian roots and for Beresford there are hints of one of his former charges, in Jean Alesi.

“In a few ways he is a little like Jean; he certainly has the same shocking blue eyes,” said Beresford, who engineered the French-Sicilian at Tyrell in 1989 and 1990.

“With Jerome, there is a very keen intelligence at work and sometimes it is weeks after the event that you wake up to what it was he was maneuvering into place. He’s a fantastic asset.”

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Posted 18 September 2017 - 01:23

Francuski AutoHebdo je otkrio par zanimljivih detalja u vezi četvrte sezone:


-Lotterer will definitely race in Formula E.We might see him at Techeetah or replacing Abt at Audi.

-Abt apparently is leaving the championship.

-Techeetah had talks with Piquet jr but they've stopped recently.Maybe it's a deal done between Jaguar and Him afterall ?

-Lotterer has done some tests for Techeetah 



Boldana informacija je 100% tačna, čak i oko ePri Montreala su procurele takve priče a Pike je bio u razgovorima baš sa Tačitom te Dragonom i Jaguarom. Nedavno je Jaguar potvrdio Pikea za četvrtu sezonu. Abtovo napuštanje takmičenja je u malu ruku šokantno i malo verovatno no ako se sagledaju stvari on i nije baš neki vozač, di Grasi je prao pod s njime a isto tako nije ni pravi No2 vozač. Setimo se samo ePri Berlina prošle godine, držao je di Grasija i oglušavao se na timske naredbe (jedan od više razloga za di Grasijevo gubljenje šampionata u drugoj sezoni).

Loterer je u više navrata odbio učešće u FE s rečima "FE nije sport nego politika" ali takva vozačina zaslužuje mesto u top level šampionatu, FE jeste za sad smešan ali je definitivno top level šampionat bukvalno rame uz rame uz  F1 i VEC. Dolaze BMV, Mečka, Maserati te Porše pa je takmičenje dobilo na jačini . Lotereru se mesto u VEC ozbiljno zadrmalo nakon Poršeove vesti o napuštanju VECa, ne znam gde bi ga više gledao osim u FE. Idealno bi bilo kad bi debitovao u Audi Sportu, Tačita trenutno nije opcija koja bi ga zadovoljila.

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#23 Rad-oh-yeah?

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Posted 18 September 2017 - 02:17

Loterer je uz Skota Diksona najbolji vozac danas van F1. Obojica imaju talenta lagano za sampiona sveta, ali im se nisu poslozile kockice.

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Posted 18 September 2017 - 17:15

Haryanto Set for Formula E Test
Former F1 driver Rio Haryanto is set to make his Formula E testing debut at the official Valencia test days next month.

Ex-Formula One driver Rio Haryanto could make his Formula E testing debut at the official Valencia test days next month.

The Indonesian driver is in talks to undertake laps at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo in an as yet unconfirmed car.

An ‘independent’ Formula E run Spark-Renault could be one option, as Haryanto continues to evaluate his racing future.

The 24 year-old is understood by e-racing365 to be interested in joining Formula E and has held discussions with at least one of the ten current teams to potentially undertake a reserve driver role in Season Four.

The ex-Manor F1 driver competed in 12 Grand Prix last year, with a best finish of 15th at Monaco.

Prior to that, Haryanto became the first Indonesian to win a major FIA single-seater race when he triumphed in the Bahrain GP2 race in 2015. This was the first of three wins in the F1 feeder series.

Potentially also joining Haryanto at the Valencia test will also be ex-Champ Car race winner Patrick Carpentier and Moroccan driver Mehdi Bennani.

Carpentier is in line to try a Formula E car as part of his Montreal ePrix organisation and ambassadorial role, while WTCC race-winner Bennani will run as part of the build up to the second Marrakesh ePrix in January.

All three are expected to get their laps during the four-day Valencia test, which begins on Oct. 2.


Gde je onaj Merhi? On je puno bolja opcija od Harijanta mada mišljenja sam da je Rio talentovaniji od nekog tamo Prosta, Abta, Dilmana i sl.

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Posted 19 September 2017 - 13:07

Kobayashi on Formula E Radar
Kamui Kobayashi is being pushed by Formula E to become the third Japanese driver to race in the all-electric championship…..

Kamui Kobayashi has emerged as a potential future racer in the FIA Formula E Championship.

The ex-Formula One driver, who is currently racing in the FIA World Endurance Championship and Super Formula for Toyota Gazoo Racing and KCMG respectively, is believed to have had some contact with teams about a future seat in the all-electric category.

E-racing365 understands that Kobayashi is a popular future choice with Formula E organizational hierarchy.

This is because Formula E has long since sought a high-profile Japanese driver within the series to drive interest in a potential event in the county, and also to attract a Japanese manufacturer to the championship.

Formula E Holdings executives, including CEO Alejandro Agag, have had several discussions with both Tokyo and Yokohama in the past regarding a an ePrix in the country.

However, a Season Four seat appears to be a long shot or Kobayashi.

“I’m looking but it is not easy,” he told e-racing365. “I can’t find it [a seat] for next season.

“I have this objective for sure because there are competitive drivers there, but it is not happening right now.”

NIO, formerly known as NextEV, is looking for a teammate to Oliver Turvey. The British driver is under contract for a third full season with the Chinese-entered team.

NIO team principal Gerry Hughes previously worked with Kobayashi at the Caterham F1 Team in 2014.

However, e-racing365 has discovered that Kobayashi is not currently on the short list for the seat alongside Turvey.

The team is believed to be testing a variety of drivers between now and the official test at Valencia next month before it unveils Turvey’s partner in the team.

As a result, the current Toyota WEC driver has limited options for the season ahead.

Venturi and Techeetah appear to be the only viable options open to Kobayashi as the season four grid starts to take shape, but they are both understood not to be currently considering the Japanese driver.

Kobayashi attended the Berlin ePrix last season and is known to be interested in forging a future career in the all-electric championship.

Formula E has had two Japanese drivers in its three season history.

Takuma Sato, who took part in the inaugural ePrix at the Beijing ePrix in 2014, and Sakon Yammamoto, who raced at the first Battersea Park event in 2015. Both drove for the now defunct Team Aguri squad.

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Posted 19 September 2017 - 18:19

Formula E announces partnership with The Climate Group

Formula E has teamed up with The Climate Group as a Global Ambassador for EV100 - to help promote the widespread uptake of electric vehicles.

EV100 is the only initiative of its kind to actively encourage world-leading companies to commit to the quicker and smoother transition to electric - helping to deliver on sustainability goals and future-proofing operations.

Big brands such as Unilever, Baidu, IKEA Group and DHL - Official Founding and Logistics Partner of the FIA Formula E Championship - are members of EV100, pledging to implement charging schemes in the workplace and swapping current diesel and petrol fleets to fully-electric by 2030.

The Climate Group has also joined the FIA Formula E Championship as an Official and International Foundation Partner - alongside the existing partnership with Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation.

The Climate Group is an award-winning, international non-profit organisation specialising in bold and high-impact climate and energy initiatives with the world’s leading businesses, states and regional governments. The Climate Group’s work is at the forefront of ambitious climate action - with a mission to catalyse climate leadership in government and businesses to accelerate the shift to a prosperous and thriving net-zero future for all.

The announcement was made during Climate Week in New York - the scene of Sam Bird’s double-victory at the inaugural New York City E-Prix in July. Formula E made history in the Big Apple, hosting the first FIA-sanctioned open-wheel race to take place within the five boroughs of New York City in modern history.

Formula E aims to spread the message of EV100 and its members and continue to be the platform for manufacturers to test and develop road-relevant technologies in an exciting and competitive environment.

Alejandro Agag Founder & CEO of Formula E said: “Our vision is that one day every car in the world will be electric and at every race we stage - in some of the best cities in the world - we want to demonstrate how cool and exciting these cars can be.”

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Posted 19 September 2017 - 19:40

Fittipaldi Eyes Formula E Opportunity
Pietro Fittipaldi is targeting a future drive in the FIA Formula E Championship, e-racing365 can reveal….


Pietro Fittipaldi is targeting a future drive in the FIA Formula E Championship, e-racing365 can reveal.

Fittipaldi, who is currently leading the World Series Formula V8.3.5 standings, is believed to be in discussions with several teams about becoming an official reserve driver.

The grandson of two-time Formula One World Champion Emerson, the young Brazilian is exploring opportunities with current teams and could embark on a first test in the coming months.

“I think for every driver, Formula E is now very interesting, especially with the technology and all the manufacturers coming in now,” Fittipaldi told e-racing365.

“It is attractive to young drivers, and you have to look at it. I went to some races with Nelson [Piquet], who is a good friend of mine.

“I did London and also went to the Berlin ePrix this year. It was all really cool: the event, the quality of teams and drivers, everything.”

Fittipaldi, who shares the same management team as Piquet Jr, believes that the growing attractiveness of Formula E will open up an added opportunity for young and talented drivers to forge a career in single-seaters

“A lot depends on the opportunities available, but I am definitely interested [in Formula E], yes,”he said.

“My main focus now is winning the World Series, and my eyes are still on F1 long-term, but Formula E is growing a lot and as I say is very interesting there. We will see what shakes-out after this campaign I am currently on.”

Increased Roles for Reserve Drivers?

E-racing365 understands that Formula E is considering the possibility of expanding the shakedown session, which takes place on the afternoon before the scheduled race day.

This could see more opportunity for official reserve drivers to undertake laps, and also to experience Formula E cars in an official ePrix environment.

The likelihood of such a modification to the format of the shakedown sessions is believed to have initially been discussed at a recent meeting between teams and organizers.

Only Panasonic Jaguar Racing and DS Virgin Racing had official test and reserve drivers last season, with Ho-Pin Tung and Alex Lynn filling the roles, respectively.

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Posted 20 September 2017 - 12:45

Očekivano, Mahindra zadržava vozačku postavu


Mahindra Racing's Formula E Team announced an unchanged line-up for the 2017/18 season in the all-electric championship. The Indian outfit will continue on with the experience of Nick Heidfeld, together with the exuberance of Felix Rosenqvist for another year.

The successful partnership brought Mahindra a third place finish in the constructors' championship last year, where it also took its maiden win courtesy Rosenqvist, along with nine podium finishes.

"We’re thrilled that both Nick and Felix will remain with Mahindra Racing next season," said Mahindra's team boss Dilbagh Gill on the announcement.

"With them, we’re confident that our new race car, the M4Electro will prove to be our strongest yet and Mahindra will consistently be fighting at the front of the field for wins and championships."

For Rosenqvist, it will be the Swede's second season in Formula E, after claiming third in the drivers' championship in only his first year.

"I’m thrilled to be back for a second season in Formula E, and to extend my relationship with Mahindra Racing," said Rosenqvist. "That was our mutual intention from the very beginning, and we’ve already completed a series of promising tests with the M4Electro in recent months.

"Moving into season four, I will draw on everything I learned in 2016-17 to try and lift us to the next level. It will be a massive challenge with stiff competition, but we have a solid foundation and are all fully committed to taking the fight to the very best.”

At the same time, for Heidfeld, it will be his third season with the Indian squad, after the German secured his best result of seventh in his Formula E career, last season.

"I am proud to be part of Mahindra Racing where we have been going from strength to strength in Formula E," said Heidfeld.

"It's exactly where I want to be and I am delighted to extend my contract and commitment to target even more success. I am thrilled and cant wait to compete in my M4 Electro in this ever-improving championship.

Mahindra - whose sole focus will be its Formula E programme after pulling out from Moto3 - has already clocked several miles on its M4Electro, ahead of the first official test in Valencia between October 2-5.

The new Formula E season kicks off with a double-header in Hong Kong during December 2-3 weekend and will see a total of 14 races, culminating with a double-header in Montreal during July 28-29 weekend.

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Posted 21 September 2017 - 13:08

Danas Jaguar predstavlja bolid i najverovatnije postavu





Edited by /13/Ален Шмит/, 21 September 2017 - 13:08.

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Posted 21 September 2017 - 13:34

Još samo sat vremena do predstavljanja



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