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Meklaren-Honda 2017

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#31 /13/Ален Шмит/

/13/Ален Шмит/
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Posted 07 February 2017 - 17:19

Nemoj tako Radoje, već u 2018 ćemo svedočiti Meklaren Zauberu  :frust:

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#32 /13/Ален Шмит/

/13/Ален Шмит/
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Posted 07 February 2017 - 21:42

Nyck de Vries is losing the support of McLaren, according to the Dutch media.

A report by the Dutch broadcaster RTL GP said the 22-year-old, who for years has been a McLaren development driver, is now seeking a seat for 2017 without the British team's support.

That is despite the fact that, on Monday, McLaren wished its "McLaren Young Driver" de Vries a happy 22nd birthday on Twitter.

But RTL cited "sources" as it claimed that de Vries, whose GP3 teammates Charles Leclerc and Alexander Albon finished 1-2 in the 2016 season, is in fact leaving the McLaren programme.

"He will test a Ferrari GT car next week," the broadcaster declared, explaining that de Vries is in the running for a full-time world endurance championship seat.

After finishing just 6th in the 2016 GP3 championship, de Vries "has not found a seat" in the F1 feeder series and lost McLaren's backing, RTL GP added.

McLaren has been contacted for comment.

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#33 alpiner

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Posted 08 February 2017 - 21:30

[McLaren to open new chassis technology centre in Sheffield

Over 200 jobs to be created at Composites Technology Centre, McLaren's first new facility outside of Woking

McLaren will build a new chassis manufacturing and development facility in Sheffield this year. A £50million investment will create more than 200 jobs in the city, with the new centre opening fully in 2020.
The facility, called the McLaren Composites Technology Centre, is due to be formally announced tomorrow. It will be the first purpose-built facility the British supercar maker has committed to outside of its existing Woking base. 
The centre will design and produce McLaren's next generation of advance carbon fibre Monocell and Monocage chassis' - set to underpin a new range of Super Series and Ultimate Series models. 


A £50m partnership between McLaren, Sheffield City Council and the nearby University of Sheffield's Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) will see construction begin early this year, with full production chassis parts set to roll out before 2020.
The facility is said to save around £10m for McLaren compared to the outsourced processes it uses today. CEO Mike Flewitt commented that the link with the AMRC allows "access to some of the world's finest composites and materials research capabilities".
"The now-iconic McLaren F1 was the world’s first road car to be built with a carbon fibre chassis and every car built more recently by McLaren Automotive has the same. Creating a facility where we can manufacture our own carbon fibre chassis structures is therefore a logical next step".
Advanced automated manufacturing techniques will be used in the four-acre site, although 150 production staff and 50 manufacturing staff will still be hired. The company is set to separately reveal the successor to its 650S supercar at Geneva this year. 

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#34 Rad-oh-yeah?

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Posted 09 February 2017 - 15:34

McLaren executive director Zak Brown has warned that it’s unrealistic to expect victories from the team this season as it continues working to recover front-running form

Brown started work at McLaren in December following the ousting of chairman and chief executive Ron Dennis, with the company now run by executive committee. The departure of Dennis came off the back of four-year win drought for the Formula 1 team, with McLaren only securing a double podium at the 2014 Australian Grand Prix in that time and slipping to ninth in the constructors' championship a year later when Honda returned as power unit supplier.

While there was a clear improvement in 2016 as the team finished sixth, Brown admits McLaren is still a long way from being ready to win races again.

"I've been impressed but not surprised as to how deep the passion is at McLaren through its employees and their desire to win," Brown told RACER. "I think they're all frustrated, as you can imagine, and eager to get back to our winning ways. I don't think our results the last couple of years are something that the team is accustomed to. They don't like it, and they want to turn things around.

"At the same time, it's one step at a time, so while we're doing all the right things, [to get] success we need to move up the grid. I would caution we're not going to be winning any races in the next year, I don't anticipate. So we need to be measured on forward progress as opposed to ultimate results in 2017.

"We've got the enthusiasm to be winning races and the championship, but I don't think we're there yet with our overall package, and therefore I'm just eager to see us keep moving up the grid and get ourselves into a position to start winning races in 2018."

Asked if managing expectations is one of his main tasks at present, Brown replied: "Oh yeah, absolutely.

"I like the enthusiasm but we need to keep realistic. Patience isn't something that anyone in racing necessarily has a lot of – it's not that type of sport – but if we set expectations too high then we're setting ourselves up for failure. So we've got to let our enthusiasm and passion drive us but not set ourselves up for failure.

"When it comes to sponsorship, it's very kind that some people have very high expectations and are asking me questions about title sponsorship; I've been on the job 45 days, it takes a year to find a title sponsor and there's no guarantee.

"Our results are very visible both on the track and on the car, so that comes with a certain amount of pressure, a lot of pressure, but as you will have seen I've told people to not expect miracles in 2017.

"What I've said internally is I think 2017 is going to feel good - meaning the team is going to come together, we're excited, we're working well – [but] I think 2018 is going to look good. So to the naked eye you may not see as much progress as we're going to see internally from '17, but '18 is going to be a year when people can really start to see a difference."

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#35 Doorn

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Posted 10 February 2017 - 11:08

Ja ove sezone od McL ocekujem jedno veliko nista i odlazak Alonsa iz tima.

Sve ostalo sto bude dobro je neka vrsta bonusa. 

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#36 Rad-oh-yeah?

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Posted 10 February 2017 - 13:43

Ja ocekujem klanje sa Forsom i Vilijamsom za zvanje najboljeg drugoligasa, nekih 130 bodova uz mozda jedan-dva podijuma. E sad, da li je to dovoljno za Alonsove ambicije, to je pitanje.

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#37 /13/Ален Шмит/

/13/Ален Шмит/
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Posted 10 February 2017 - 21:40



BP and Castrol to provide F1 fuels and lubricants technology

McLaren is pleased to confirm it has joined forces with BP and Castrol for the provision of Formula 1 fuels and lubricant technology as well as the supply of products for McLaren Automotive, the renowned British manufacturer of luxury sports and supercars.

BP is already working with McLaren Applied Technologies, the fast-growing technology arm of the McLaren Technology Group that works to improve lives and solve crucial business performance challenges.

In the fierce proving ground of Formula 1, BP is supplying a range of performance lubricants for Honda’s Internal Combustion Engine (ICE). The team will also benefit from Castrol’s high-performance lubricants and greases that will be used in the team’s Mazak-powered machine shop and dynamic chassis rig.

Jonathan Neale, chief operating officer, McLaren Technology Group said: “This agreement between McLaren, BP and Castrol is between brands who both share a long-standing and well-recognised passion for innovation in all we do. Our McLaren-Honda team provides a global platform for Castrol to supply bespoke advanced lubricant technology."

Mike Flewitt, chief executive officer, McLaren Automotive, said: “The partnership between McLaren Automotive and Castrol is an important step in our journey to deliver the highest levels of performance and efficiency from the engines in our Sports and Super car ranges. Not only will the lubricants provided by Castrol play a wide-ranging role in delivering the efficiencies across our existing cars, but our future engine generations as well.”


Meklaren je sve više narandžastiji....


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#38 /13/Ален Шмит/

/13/Ален Шмит/
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Posted 12 February 2017 - 15:20

McLaren: Vandoorne will push Alonso in F1 2017

Zak Brown: Stoffel is a very mature 24-year-old. I have no doubt he is going to push Fernando, which is going to be healthy for the team

McLaren boss Zak Brown says he has “no doubt” rookie Stoffel Vandoorne will “push” two-time F1 World Champion Fernando Alonso this year.

Vandoorne is gearing up for his first full season, having made his debut last year in Bahrain, where despite being drafted in at the last minute, successfully subbed for the injured Alonso, finishing tenth and joining a relatively exclusive group of drivers to score on their Formula One debut.

Speaking in an interview with The Marshall Pruett Podcast, Brown added that the relationship between Vandoorne and Alonso is currently “very healthy”, although he knows this may well change during the season.

“They get along very well. They are both kind of head-down and focussed on their own racing [at the moment]. I think they are going to work well together to drive the team forward and while we all know team-mates want to beat each other, they want to beat everyone else too,” he said.

“I don't think either of them is the type who is going to be too excited about beating their team-mate if they're eighth or ninth. I think their primary agenda or focus is about getting to the front of the field, and then worrying about each other.”

“Stoffel is a very mature 24-year-old. I have no doubt he is going to push Fernando, which is going to be healthy for the team. I've seen that to be a very healthy relationship.

“I don't think that will change, but as we all know in motor racing most of the team-mates get to each other and whether it is [Ayrton] Senna and [Alain] Prost or [Nico] Rosberg and [Lewis] Hamilton, it becomes tricky.

“But I am looking forward to the competition between them and look forward to helping manage it through some inter-team rivalries which no doubt we will have.

“We are just going to try to keep it healthy.”



Fernando Alonso will give McLaren's 2017 car its track debut later this month. The team is going through a period of change after the departure of long time boss Ron Dennis.

For the past three and a half decades, the McLaren chassis has been named 'MP4' with a rising number after it, a concept introduced by Ron Dennis when he arrived at the team in 1980. The new car will be named MCL32, and is rumoured to wear an orange livery.

Cadena Cope, a Spanish radio station, said Alonso will be at the wheel of the MCL32 when official testing begins in Barcelona on February 27.

But new chief Zak Brown is playing down expectations, telling 'Road and Track' that although team members have been "frustrated" with a lack of recent results, "We are not going to be winning any races" in 2017.

However, team boss Eric Boullier has sized down the impression that many of the changes will have on McLaren, such as the loss of team manager David Redding to Williams.

"I think you have to realise that formula one is all about change," said the Frenchman, who revealed a wider internal reshuffle. Asked if he thought about looking outside of McLaren to fill the void instead, Boullier insisted: "No, not even for a second."

And as for the 2017 car that will debut in Alonso's hands on February 27, Boullier said it boasts some "exciting changes" compared to last year.

"But we want those to be kept secret until we show it to the world on February 24," he said.

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#39 Rad-oh-yeah?

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Posted 13 February 2017 - 16:43

Fernando Alonso is not willing to join new McLaren boss Zak Brown in playing down the chance of race wins in 2017.

As McLaren races into the post-Ron Dennis era, new team executive Brown rounded out last week by admitted: "We are not going to be winning any races" this year.

"I read what Zak Brown said, but who knows?" Speed Week quoted Spaniard Alonso as responding.

"I am keeping a positive attitude, preparing for the championship as intensely as ever, and I will do everything in my power," the two-time title winner added.

Alonso also responded to speculation that McLaren might be about to switch to an orange livery in 2017.

"I have read that it could be something orange, black or white," he said. "I asked Eric (Boullier) but he said I would see at the launch.

"What I hope is that it is fast," Alonso concluded.

He said he has been training hard for this year's faster cars, including 50 kilometres of cycling per day and over 5kms of daily running.

"90 per cent of the drivers on the grid have only driven an F1 car that is slightly faster than a GP2 car, but I have driven cars that we will never see again.

"If we are going to improve a few seconds this year maybe it will be similar, but I don't think it will radically change the physical requirement," Alonso said.

As for whether 2017 will be his final year in F1, the 35-year-old answered: "We'll see. We'll go step by step."

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#40 /13/Ален Шмит/

/13/Ален Шмит/
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Posted 14 February 2017 - 14:27

New engine comes with a risk, admits Honda boss

Honda boss admits that the company's decision to redesign its engine for 2017 is a gamble.
With the dreaded token system now dead and buried, Honda, like Renault, has opted to completely overhaul its engine in time for the new season.
Amidst talk that Honda was planning something radical, it was McLaren technical director Tim Goss who finally let the cat out of the bag.
"For 2017, the Honda engine architecture and layout have been altered to serve both for performance and packaging needs," he revealed early last month. "The new power unit takes much of the learning from the past two seasons, but has been specifically redesigned for this season."
On its return to the sport in 2015, Honda famously opted for the so-called 'size zero' concept, and it was the extremely tight packaging arrangement at the rear of the McLaren which most cited as the cause of many of the problems surrounding the Japanese manufacturer's dreadful debut season.
"It was like playing Whack-a-Mole," admitted (then) engine boss Yasuhisa Arai, "As soon as we resolved one problem, another popped up."
With the scrapping of the unpopular token system, Honda has taken the opportunity to move away from its own previous design and is understood to have followed the example of Mercedes which has the compressor at one end of the engine and the turbine at the other, whereas the Japanese manufacturer's previous design featured a split turbo and compressor within the engine V-bank.
Whilst Honda, and McLaren, is hoping for a significant step forward this year, Yusuke Hasegawa admits the move is not without its risks.
"The concept is completely different," he told Autosport. "It's very high-risk, we don't know a lot of things about that new concept. We know it will give us a performance advantage but the biggest risk is whether we can realise that potential this year.
"We need to concentrate on the ICE for this year," he admitted. "If we improve the engine itself, which means boosting exhaust gas energy, we need to boost the turbine otherwise we cannot perform at the same level in terms of deployment.
"We still have to do some tests and there will be some trial and error," he added. I hope we have understood the direction and the elements to focus on. But it's not easy to combine the elements to realise the improvements on the ICE completely."


Ovo smo i mi znali u trenutku objave nove konfiguracije, testiranja čekam sa nestrpljenjem jer će dati gomilu odgovora.

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#41 /13/Ален Шмит/

/13/Ален Шмит/
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Posted 14 February 2017 - 18:39

MCL32 je oživeo! I nije crko u prvih pola minuta života. Good sign  :s_d:


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#42 Rad-oh-yeah?

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Posted 16 February 2017 - 15:52

Deronizacija Meklarena se nastavlja...

Ekrem Sami, the Chief Executive Officer of McLaren Marketing, is leaving the company after 35 years. Sami was one of Ron Dennis’s closest allies throughout his tenure at McLaren, having started out with Dennis in the Project 4 days. His departure has been expected for some time.

“I don’t mind admitting that it feels a bit strange to be announcing that I’m moving on from McLaren, the company to which I’ve devoted almost all my professional life. But now is the right time,” he says. “However, I’ll continue to work on the projects with which I’m already engaged, and I expect to formalise my departure some time in late March. Over the past 35 years I’ve worked with some truly brilliant people, and I want to say thank you to them all. Our successes were a team effort in the most fundamental way. As for my own plans, I’m looking forward to broadening my professional outlook into the wider sports and entertainment sector, after being so immersed in the weird and wonderful world of Formula 1.”

Mansour Ojjeh, the Executive Committee Principal of the McLaren Technology Group paid tribute to Sami, saying thanks for “his truly gigantic contribution and to wish him continued success in the future.”

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#43 "Doc" Holliday

"Doc" Holliday
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Posted 18 February 2017 - 16:46

Lepo izgleda. Doduse malo podseca po dezenu recimo Manor, samo umesto plave je ova siva. :)


Ovo sam gledao, pa mi se tako ucinilo :)




Salu na stranu, srecno momci, vi koji navijate za McL, pa da se rokamo ove sezone sa vama u ovoj nasoj ligi, a ne kao lane kad ste taljigali po stazi

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#44 Doorn

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Posted 20 February 2017 - 12:25

Jos uvjek imaju "fake news" sponzora  :D

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#45 /13/Ален Шмит/

/13/Ален Шмит/
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Posted 20 February 2017 - 13:15





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