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Spam na PM !

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#181 angelia

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Posted 15 April 2011 - 07:31

na Granice epikontinentalnog pojasa za jake države u razvoju,

:lol: wow ozbiljna institucija

Usvajas sirocice zar ne?

#182 Cooltywattor

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Posted 15 April 2011 - 08:01

Usvajas sirocice zar ne?


#183 Amsterdamer

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Posted 21 April 2011 - 14:08

1,000,000.​00 GBP has been won by your email address in our UK Nationa Lottery Game...For claim send your details:


Ovoga je mrzelo mnogo da pise, nego kratko i jasno brate :D


Upravo mi je stigao jos jedan mail:


My name is Olga, I am 29 years and I write you from Russia.

I live in a small city with a little son (3 years) and my mother.
The father of child abandoned us and do not help us at all.

During the last years I worked on a local sewing fabric, but now the fabric is closed
since it has no orders due to the crisis and competitors from China.

Now I finded a new job, but my salary is very little and not enough even for food.

The only way for us to survive is to have a she-goat and several chicken in our garden.
Then we can have our own food every day (milk and eggs) and not to suffer from hunger.
But to buy these animals we need 8100 rubles (approx. 290 dollar America), it is a great amount
for us and we don't have it.

I don't know what to do. Thanks to free access to internet in our local library it was possible to find several email adresses
and I decided to appeal to you for any help.

Best wishes ,


Olga je skromna :rolleyes:

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#184 Cooltywattor

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Posted 18 May 2011 - 12:36

Danas mi je stigla brezobrazna ponuda od Gadafijevih :lol:

Dear Friend,

I am Desmond Ngebe, I believe that this name sounds strange to you, I am sorry for sending unsolicited mail to you, but notwithstanding, Please do not see this letter as a junk nor joke.

I don’t know how familiar you are with the uprising crisis in Libya, but I am contacting on behalf of my boss Muhammad Al-Gaddafi the eldest son of Muammar Al-Gaddafi, the Libya Leader.

Due to the ongoing crisis in Libya, he has instructed me to look for a reliable foreign business partner who will stand to assist in receiving a total sum of Forty Five Million United States Dollars (US$45M) for investment in your country.

This decision came as a result of the UN resolution to freeze all fund assets belonging to all member of their family and close associates including ban travelling.

This money was made for purchasing of agricultural equipments from Thailand but due to the ongoing crisis, they don’t want the international community's to have trace on this fund as it was deposited with a security company in Thailand with his name.

He said, he is willing to offer you 30% of the total fund only if you can keep secret and assist us to move this fund to your country for investment purpose.

Subject to your satisfaction, if you are serious, willing to work with us, all you need to do is to send to me the following.

1. Your full name and address

2. Your private phone and mobile number, if possible get a new sim card for our communication.

3. Scan copy of your identity for us to be sure of whom we are dealing with.

Upon the receipt of your information, I will get back to him to enable him give me power of authority to make change of ownership of the fund to your name.

I am presently in Thailand because of this assignment and i will like us to meet one on one for you to see things yourself and confirm the authenticity of this project,


All documentation related to this transaction will be made available to you Upon the receipt of your information, I will call you for further explaination as soon as i hear from you

Thank you

Desmond Ngabe

A pre neki dan još brezobraznija od advokata pokojnog S. Mura


I am Mr. Harry White, an attorney at law. I am contacting you in respect to an inheritance fund valued at (27 Million Dollars) belonging to my late client Engineer. Steve Moore. My client died with his entire family in a plane crash in cotonou, Benin on the 25th of December 2003.Visit this website for details:http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/en/doc/2003-12/26/content_293549.htm

The Management of his bank adopted a resolution and i was mandated as his attorney to provide any of his surviving relative for the payment of his fund Valued (27 Million Dollars) or forfeit the fund as unclaimed fund. All my effort in locating any of his relatives has not been successful. This is why i am seeking your consent to present you as the only surviving relative of my late client for the claim of the fund which shall be shared after my arrival in your country.

I will need the following information to file the application for the claim: Your full Name, Your Contact Address, Your Mobile phone Number and fax Number, Your
Age/Gender, Occupation.Get back to me via: whiteharry001@gmail.com or call me on my cell Phone: 011-234-803-896-8767

You are the only person i have informed about this transaction, please keep it confidential and get back to me as i wait to hear from you.

Mr.Harry White.

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