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Кен ју тренслејт ми то ди адр пејџ оф д

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Posted 31 October 2007 - 13:32

ma to ni ne vredi komentarisati. "my father couldn't find a job, so we moved to kosovo." dakle, tamo ima posla za hirurge, jer su svi albanci izbaceni iz posla (svi koji nisu "posteni", naravno, dakle ogromna vecina) pa tako ima posla za srbe za koje nema posla u samoj srbiji!

to ti je apartheid - na delu. but it's all noise anyway, like the one your tv makes when it's broken.

I started having English lessons two months ago which is something I suggest you take. (we lived in Kosovo but we don't live there any more) we returned to our home town long ago. (would to God we had not gone there we ran the risk of losing our lives) Albanian rebels behaved as if they got out of a cave.

If you must know my dad works as a surgeon in military he has been doing so for the last seventeen years and if I were to tell you what his salary is you would never believe me. He earns around DIN 47 000 a month. The last time I went to the seaside was four years ago. Although he does work hard you have to admit that he gets very little money for his work. Unfortunately in Serbia politicians get paid for doing nothing but sitting on their ass all day . That also applies to celebrities.To be honest I've had it with these politicians and their hollow promises. I despise people who are ready to tell lies in order to attain success in life. My parents always told me not to lie to anyone and I never will.

Why do more and more young people go away from Serbia? What do you think?