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In Memoriam: Steve Irwin

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#106 Gojko & Stojko

Gojko & Stojko
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Posted 09 November 2006 - 04:14

Sta ti je stampa - pitam se koju bi nagradu namenili ovom Stevu da je kojim slucajem nas ...

Stupid Stefaan meets Allan the croc

Jano Gibson
November 9, 2006 - 12:30PM

A Belgian tourist who slapped a stick on the water to make a crocodile come closer for a better photo should be nominated for an idiots' award after it bit him on the leg, says the doctor who treated him.

Because of the tourist's actions, authorities say the creature will have to be removed.

Stefaan Vanthournout, 24, was with a group of about six other tourists who ignored crocodile warning signs and waded into Masons Creek, on the south side of Cape Tribulation in Far North Queensland, after spotting the two-metre saltwater crocodile lying on the riverbank.

"They looked across the creek and they saw this crocodile there on the other bank," Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service spokesman Mark Read said.

"They then waded across the creek to the other side. It's pretty risky behaviour."

As they did so, the crocodile, which locals call Allan, slipped into the water.

"Then the gentleman in question wanted to get a better photograph of the crocodile, which by this stage had submerged.

"And the gentleman then picked up a short stick, approximately 30 centimetres long, and was tapping the water within about a metre and a half of the crocodile to try and get a better photograph.

"The animal has then lunged at him and has inflicted a single bite to the left knee."

One of the other tourists raced away to get help from the local pharmacy.

"We just had someone coming running in off the beach saying someone had been attacked by a crocodile," Kelly Lash, owner of the Cape Trib Pharmacy, said.

Dr Lash called an ambulance while his partner headed down to pick up the victim, whom he said was more shocked than physically injured.

"It just let go right away. He was sitting there in shock [and there was] a little bit of blood," he said.

"It lunged out and grabbed his knee and the worst part is he didn't get the photo.

"I tell you, it's a candidate for the Darwin Awards - the awards for doing stupid things."

The Darwin Awards "salute the improvement of the human genome by honouring those who remove themselves from it", says the awards' website.

Dr Lash said it wasn't the first time an animal had bitten Mr Vanthournout.

"The funny thing is his girlfriend told us he's been bitten by a monkey before."

Mr Read said the tourist was extremely lucky not to have received more serious injuries.

"He's very lucky. The animal is estimated at two metres long and 70-85 kilograms in weight. Had the animal say bitten him on the face and then done a death roll, which is quite often part of their prey-catching behaviour ... normally there's a much higher degree of injury."

The crocodile now has to be removed for public safety reasons, he said.

"The crocodile will be targeted for removal. We have an obligation to minimise the risk to all users of the area from crocodiles."

People should take extreme care in crocodile habitats, he said.

"It's one of our key messages. People shouldn't be wading and swimming in crocodile habitats. This is a good example of what can happen when you interfere with a dangerous animal."

Mr Vanthournout was treated at Mossman Hospital for his injuries but was released last night.

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#107 Dunadan

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Posted 10 November 2006 - 10:34

strashno. umesto da uklone retarada uklanjaju krokodila. shta je sad krokodil kriv. e zivote.

#108 Bata.Ilich

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Posted 10 November 2006 - 11:20

Kriv je zato sto je nesposoban, pa vlasti deluju kao produzena Darvinova ruka. Da nije toliko zardjao, popapao bi morona.