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Haas F1 Tim 2018

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#16 leone

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Posted 30 March 2018 - 16:39

Evo sto kazu nadlezni...


FIA's F1 director Charlie Whiting said he had no concerns about the relationship with Ferrari, saying: "We know exactly what's going on between Haas and Ferrari, which is completely legal. Last year we had one team expressing some concerns but we have not seen anything that concerns us at the moment."



Steiner, "My point is, if they have got a problem with that, I show them the way to the FIA. They can file a protest."

Cijeli text, intresantno stivo: http://www.bbc.co.uk...la-one/43568043
Za sada izgleda da je po onoj "ko gubi ima pravo da place", vidjecemo na sto ce da ispadne.

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#17 Rad-oh-yeah?

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Posted 30 March 2018 - 18:27

Boldovano: zar nije Has pobeđivao u NASKARu na sličan način. Negde sam čitao o tome i ne mogu se setiti detalja..


Ne znam na sta mislis, jer u Naskaru timovi svakako ne dizajniraju svoje automobile. Stjuart-Has vozi Sevroleta a kao i vecina drugih Sevroletovih timova imaju tehnicki saradnju sa Hendrikom, kvazi-fabrickim Sveroletovim timom.

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#18 Rad-oh-yeah?

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Posted 05 April 2018 - 15:54

Haas has reshuffled its pit crew and introduced an extra fail-safe system to help prevent a repeat of its Australian Grand Prix tyre change blunders.

The American-owned team saw a decent points haul in Melbourne slip from its grasp after botched pitstops for both Kevin Magnussen and Romain Grosjean.

While the team blamed the issues on a lack of practice ahead of the Formula 1 season opener, it has made changes to its procedures from this weekend’s race in Bahrain to try to ensure there is no repeat in the future.

As well as moving one of the Melbourne wheelgun men to a new position, an extra person will be assigned to act as a secondary fail-safe to override its automatic release system should an unexpected problem crop up.

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#19 /13/Ален Шмит/

/13/Ален Шмит/
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Posted 05 April 2018 - 23:44

hasovo rešenje boljeg hlađenja zbog vrućeg Bahreina





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#20 Rad-oh-yeah?

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Posted 11 April 2018 - 19:06

FIA safety delegate and race director Charlie Whiting has warned Haas he is not happy with flying bodywork after Romain Grosjean's bargeboard fell off during the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Grosjean had damage to the left-hand side of his car on Sunday, with parts of the ornate bargeboard coming off at high speed on the pit straight. The team noted the damage at his pit stop and even removed some flailing items but Whiting says any parts that detach during the race "could do a lot of damage" if hit by another driver.

"It's potentially dangerous, I agree," Whiting said of the Haas failures. "When anything comes off the car it's potentially dangerous but with all this so called furniture, as some people call it, it doesn't take much to make it weaker. Contact will probably make it weaker then it will start to disintegrate, which is what happened with Grosjean.

"One bit fell off; luckily it went onto the grass. A couple of more bits came off and on their third pit stop they removed another bit. It's not very satisfactory to be quite honest and I think we really need to make sure all these things are well attached, as there's so many of them. I mean, some of the stuff that comes off, even if it's not very big could do a lot of damage."


Whiting added the FIA will also be looking into wheel gun technology after pit stop issues for Ferrari and Haas in the opening two races, which he admits are "looking like less and less like a coincidence."

Asked if the wheel guns will be investigated from a technical perspective, Whiting replied: "Absolutely. [Fernando] Alonso lost a wheel in testing and we went through it all with McLaren, they gave us a report in the week. We discussed it with the technical working group to understand it all, to make sure everybody else realizes these things can happen, everyone tries to learn from them.

Explaining the outcome of that investigation, Whiting says most teams insist their designs would not allow a repeat of the McLaren incident.

"What actually happened was that the design of the nose piece that goes into the axle, that is the thing that holds the two-stage retention mechanism, but the way that is fixed into the axle was not quite strong enough so the wheel was a little bit loose – it worked itself loose because it had done four laps prior to that.

"So when the wheel started to tip a little bit, it put abnormal loads into the things that were holding the nose in and once the nose came out, there was no retention, so a lesson to be learned there.

"That was shared with everyone in the technical working group so that they can all look at that and make sure their designs aren't similar. Of course they said, 'Ours won't do that.'"

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#21 alberto.ascari

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Posted 17 April 2018 - 22:20

Gro, srećan 32. rodjendan.

Još jedna karijera koja je manje više otišla u qratz. Šteta.
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#22 Rad-oh-yeah?

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Posted 04 May 2018 - 12:20

Haas team principal Guenther Steiner doesn’t expect any driver to make the error that cost Romain Grosjean sixth place in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

Grosjean had started last on the grid after a gearbox problem on Saturday, but made steady progress through the field and was up to eighth when the two Red Bull drivers collided, promoting him to sixth. While running behind the Safety Car as the debris from the crash was cleared up, Grosjean lost control trying to warm his tires and crashed into the wall, retiring from sixth with less than 10 laps remaining.

“You don’t expect from a rookie or anybody,” Steiner said. “I think we are not using the potential of the car to get in the points. We should be quite well up there because the car is performing very well.

“In the race we saw we started last and were P8 with Romain behind [Sergio] Perez. That was on speed, because everybody had made one stop so there was nothing [lucky]. Sure the Safety Car comes out and we are in P6 all of a sudden, but then we go home with nothing.”

With Haas having missed out on significant points yet again despite having a quick car, Steiner says the fact that it is still early in the season and the car has been competitive remains a comfort.

“You’ve just got to tell people that you haven’t done anything wrong. It’s not your fault that Romain went in the wall, we did a good job, we did good pit stops, we prepared the car well. The whole weekend, until qualifying started, was very well executed, we had no down time with the car and we did a lot of good things.

“The guys know themselves if they are good or not. Until you get the momentum going, assure them they are doing good. They keep on coming back because they are convinced that we can get it done. They are not lacking. In the position like we are in, we have got a good team, everything is good, we just need to get it together for one weekend, execute it well over the whole weekend and we will be fine.

“Just at the moment it feels like we always let it slip. Then you always feel like you are running out of time, but then again it’s only race four. I’m not saying its fantastic, we should have done better. But it’s not the end of the world.”

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#23 Rad-oh-yeah?

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Posted 20 May 2018 - 15:09

Mika Hakkinen has a warning for 'bad boy' Kevin Magnussen


Phillip van Osten
19/05/2018 at 15:25

Two-time world champion Mika Hakkinen believes Haas' Kevin Magnussen needs to change his aggressive approach to driving or risk a permanently tainted reputation.

The US outfit has undoubtedly made a step forward this season, thanks to the level of performance of its VF-18.

Magnussen has outpaced team mate Romain Grosjean, putting all of the team's 19 points on the table, but the Dane has also been involved in several on-track spats and near-misses, banging wheels at high speed with Toro Rosso's Pierre Gasly in Baku and moving over carelessly on Sauber's Charles Leclerc in Spain.

The stewards took action against Magnussen in the first instance, but the second case did nothing to help his already blistered reputation.

"I have known Kevin for some time, as I knew his father Jan, and it's good to see him producing some great results for Haas," Hakkinen wrote for Unibet.

"I have mixed feelings, however, because while I think it’s important for a driver to show his strength and commitment to the job, there have to be limits to what you are prepared to do in a race.

"In the previous Grand Prix in Baku, I felt his move on Pierre Gasly was a big mistake, and in this business you don’t have to do that very often before you earn a bad reputation."

The chances of Magnussen agreeing to the former McLaren driver's expert opinion are slim, but there's no doubting the 25-year-old needs to rein it in or risk potentially dire consequences the next time his distraction or excessive resolution gets the better of him.

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