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Scuderia Toro Rosso 2017

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#16 /13/Ален Шмит/

/13/Ален Шмит/
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Posted 07 July 2017 - 16:42

Sajnc otvoreno reži na TR i RB, Marko: "Karlos ne bi trebalo gristi ruku koja ga hrani..".

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#17 Rad-oh-yeah?

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Posted 18 July 2017 - 14:02

LONDON (Reuters) - Spanish Formula One driver Carlos Sainz could leave Toro Rosso if the price is right, according to Red Bull team boss Christian Horner.

The 22-year-old was slapped down by Red Bull earlier this month when he suggested he would not be staying for a fourth year at the team owned by the Austrian energy drink manufacturer.

Horner had said that Sainz would be in a Toro Rosso again next year but there has been persistent speculation that the youngster is set to leave.

One German media report last week suggested he could be in a Renault at the next Hungarian Grand Prix as a replacement for Britain's Jolyon Palmer, who has failed to score a point in 10 races.

Horner chose his words carefully in speaking to reporters after Sunday's British Grand Prix but did not categorically rule anything out.

"I don't know where these rumours come from but I cannot believe that these rumours are out there for the Hungarian race," he said.

Horner said there were no offers on the table at present and emphasised that any decision to let Sainz go would have to make financial sense.

"Carlos Sainz has a contract with Red Bull Racing," he said. "There's two years left on that contract.

"If somebody was prepared to make an offer, of course we'd consider it.

"But it would have to have a significant value attached to it because we've invested in Carlos significantly... you're not just going to give an asset away."

Toro Rosso team boss Franz Tost was not immediately available for comment after a race that saw his drivers collide on the opening, with Sainz retiring on the spot and Russian Daniil Kvyat handed a drive-through penalty.

Toro Rosso has historically been a feeder team for Red Bull Racing but there are no vacancies there, with Australian Daniel Ricciardo and Dutch teenager Max Verstappen locked in contractually.

Kvyat's place might appear at risk, with French prospect and 2016 GP2 champion Pierre Gasly eager to make his F1 debut, but Horner sounded supportive of the Russian in the run-up to Silverstone.

"When you look actually at the performances that he's had in detail, he's actually driven pretty well," said Horner last week.

"We have until December 31st to make our minds up for the future but this year for him, when you look beneath the surface, a pretty decent year so far."

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#18 /13/Ален Шмит/

/13/Ален Шмит/
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Posted 18 July 2017 - 20:53

Manje više, Kvjat je gotov. Sajnc je trenutno na ničijoj zemlji. Hoće napustiti RB program i posvetiti se drugom timu a istovremeno gaji nadu za moguću budućnost u RB ekipi. Ćaća mu stavlja ogroman pritisak jer želi da napusti TR i kompletni RB program.


Pronašao sam odlomak teksta koji je vrlo zanimljiv i tiče se kontroversi u TRu ▼

This will be a long one because I've been wanting to say this for a long time. I think the drama within Toro Rosso, and the lack of performance the team AND the drivers are having, is all because the Red Bull Junior training is backfiring to them.

The Junior training is very competitive, since they are fighting they way up to F1, a big mistake would get you cut. Sainz and Kvyat were once part of a RBJT of perhaps 4 or 6 drivers, all around the same age, who probably got told only one of them would make the cut. Now they got 2 of the same group, same age, with a great talent on the door, and 2 top drivers that I bet you Sainz and Kvyat are always told they are not moving.
Kvyat knows he's stuck at STR. He knows that if Verstappen or Ricciardo were to leave, that they would prefer Sainz over him. He knows he needs to do well, to get a seat in ANY other team, run away for the toxicity of Red Bull and rebuild himself for a chance of - at least - a longer career.

Same goes to Sainz. While I think he has all the right to aim for another team, specially since how poorly has RBR treated anyone if you are not named Vettel, Ricciardo or Verstappen; I feel he is not doing it in the proper way, and it's the RBJ competitiveness and the fact that his family is quite powerful. You have to remember that his father, Sainz Senior, is also sponsored by Red Bull - for all we know, the reason of why he was never cut of the RBJT is him - but Sainz Sr is at the end of his career. Early this year, after Dakar, he hinted a retirement, and suddenly earlier this month, he seems to still be part of the Peugeot team. I seriously believe Sainz Sr is at blame at the recent "Camp Sainz vs the world" drama, because he wants Sainz Jr out of the team because he also wants to quit, and he most feel he can only leave the motorsports world until he secures a future for his son. Also remember, Sainz Jr changed his manager this off season. I have no idea who the new manager is, but he did very poorly to calm him down, something his previous manager used to do a bit better.

I find it interesting how Sainz speach was calmer this time around. Even on the radio, he put out a sarcastic comment, but he wasn't completely madman. He is trying to change his approach after Austria, because he knows he needs to be on a cool spot with RB. They have the power to ruin careers and we all know it, Kvyat feels they already ruined it and feels the entire FIA is against him and prefers Sainz, while Sainz just realized on Austria and is coming up with a different approach that would be interesting to see how it translates on the track.


Mislim da je sad pravo vreme da Sajnc nekako smiri glavu ako treba uz stručnu pomoć jer bolje vožnje će mu otvoriti vrata ka RBu ili možda Renoou i Meklarenu.

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